Garden Tea Party at Western Primary

4 March 2013

Taking orders at the table of the Garden Café at Western Primary School.

Key Stage One pupils from Western Primary School took ‘Come Dine with Me’ to a new level at the end of half term with a Garden Tea Party. The children transformed their learning environment into a colourful Garden Café while turning themselves into chefs, waiters and maître d’.

The children designed the menu and cooked all the devious treats, including ‘Bumble Bee’ biscuits and a variety of animal print cakes.

They worked hard and enthusiastically as over 100 parents took the opportunity to sample the culinary delights. There was also the opportunity to explore the work of the pupils adorning the ‘Café’ walls.Key stage 1 leader,

Miss Sarah Jones said:

It is a joy to see the children so enthusiastic and involved. These events are very popular with parents, allowing them to observe first hand their children actively engaging in their learning and school learning.

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