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Police and Crime Commissioner completes draft plan on local policing

4 February 2013

North Yorkshire’s draft Police and Crime Plan was today published by Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire.

Every Commissioner is required to produce a Police and Crime Plan, which sets out how they plan to make their area safer.

The full draft plan can be read here

Julia’s Plan focuses on:

  • Reducing crime across the county
  • Having more people feeling safe in their homes and in the streets
  • Increasing confidence and satisfaction in North Yorkshire Police
  • Providing better protection for vulnerable people and victims of crime

Julia is now asking the public for their views, so she can amend the Plan before final publication at the end of March.





There will be various routes for the public to feedback their views to Julia. The easiest way is via the website – www.crimeplan.org.uk

There will also be public consultation events around the county, leaflets being distributed to public buildings, via Julia’s Surgeries or sending their views back via freepost. Julia will also be undertaking webchats over the next six weeks – the first one will be on Monday 4 February at 12noon and can be accessed through www.crimeplan.org.uk

Julia MulliganJulia Mulligan said:

I have worked with partners, the police and the public to produce North Yorkshire’s first Police and Crime Plan. It is our view of what we think we can improve in North Yorkshire and how we can work together to achieve it.

Whilst there are six clear themes, but you can sum up the Plan in four words: Be safe, feel safe.

We are privileged to have the lowest crime rates in the country in North Yorkshire, and I will endeavour to keep it that way. But I will also focus on helping people to feel safe in their homes and on the streets. That is why victims of crime will be a priority, as will increasing the confidence and satisfaction with the North Yorkshire Police.

However, the Plan is only a draft, and it is not yet finished. Before it can really be considered North Yorkshire’s Plan, I need the views, feedback and criticisms from the general public, partners and other interested parties.

We have a website where you can find out more – www.crimeplan.org.uk – or please keep a look out for leaflets in your local libraries, police stations and other public buildings.

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