Fire at furniture warehouse near Harrogate

30 January 2013

Fire crews were called to an incident in the early hours of this morning (30 January 2013) at the Batheaston Furniture warehouse in Norwood near Harrogate.

Initially two Harrogate fire engines attended the scene, but as the warehouse was well alight, they requested further fire engines attend. The crews used small jets on the fire, and protected the main building that adjoined the warehouse.




By 5am the fire was under control and 45mm jets remained in use to cool and damp down the building. Parts of the roof were removed to allow access to continue damping down. Crews undertook salvage operations on the part of the building they had managed to protect from the fire.

At its height five fire engines an aerial ladder platform and a water bowser were in attendance

The fire engines left the scene at around 1100hrs. A fire investigation has been under way but the results not yet published.

The property is now in the process of being demolished.

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