Students do ‘The Friday Jam Session’

8 January 2013

Students at Harrogate High School have been performing during Friday lunch times at Harrogate High School in a new event set up by the Music Department called ‘The Friday Jam Session’.

Each week a different student or group of students are given the chance to perform in front of their friends and peers whilst they are eating lunch. This has created a warm atmosphere in the hall with many of the students singing along with the performers to well-known songs.




The scheme provides a great showcase for Harrogate High School to demonstrate the talent which is evident within the school, allowing the students to do something they love while also gaining confidence to sing in front of a crowd. Music so far has ranged from, pop to rock and some acoustic sessions.

Head of Music Amber Southern said:

It is great to see that every week the dinner hall is in anticipation of who will be performing. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a dinner hall sing along to a student’s version of a Bon Jovi track!


Year 11, Heather Lawrence who has performed as part of the scheme said:

Doing the Friday Jam Session was a daunting experience, very scary at first but after a few songs it became easier. Having friends watching while eating was strange, however once we has finished I was incredibly proud of what I had done. It is something I would now love to do again!


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