Free catalytic converter marking in Northallerton

5 December 2012

PoliceNorthallerton Safer Neighbourhood Team are offering free catalytic converter security marking.

As part of the nationwide metal theft crackdown, Operation Tornado, local officers have teamed up with Kwik-fit to provide the free marking on Saturday 8 December 2012.

The marking kits have been supplied free of charge as part of Operation Tornado, but supplies are limited and will be on a fist come first served basis.

PC Phil Hall of Northallerton Safer Neighbourhood Team, said:

Police want to encourage previous victims of catalytic converter theft to take up the offer as well as owners of vulnerable vehicles which include Mercedes Sprinter vans and vehicles with high ground clearance.

The marking is available between 10am and 12pm on Saturday morning at the Kwik-fit depot on Brompton Road, Northallerton. Please come along and take advantage of the free opportunity.

The marking kits use a solution to mark your catalytic converter with a unique code which is registered on a data-base and a sticker is placed in your vehicle’s window to show it has been marked. This acts as a deterrent to thieves who know they will not be able to sell the metal on as it has been marked, and also makes it easier to reunite stolen items with their owners.

From 3 December 2012, new legislation came into force which makes it illegal for scrap dealers to buy metal using cash. It can only be bought using a crossed cheque or electronic cash transfer through a bank. Any other method of payment is illegal.

North Yorkshire Police will be carrying out checks at scrap dealers to ensure the new legislation is being adhered to.


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