Orange Parade passes peacefully in Harrogate

24 November 2012

Today in Harrogate an orange parade passed peacefully (24 November 2012).

The parade, estimated to be of around 200, walked from High Harrogate via Station Parade, Victoria Avenue and Parliament Street to the Cenotaph where two wreaths were laid.

The incident passed with only minimal policing and caused on very minor disruption on the roads, with drivers happy to pull to the side of the road as they passed.

See the video of the parade that includes an interview with Dale Parkyn the organiser.



  1. No need for a sensationalist headline.
    This is England, not Northern Ireland, we’re not burdened by parts of our population wanting to separate from the United Kingdom to which we belong. Unlike in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Therefore why would there ever be trouble at an Orange Order parade, merely celebrating the Union.

  2. what dale forgets too tell us is that the orange order are a anti catholic group , if it was the bnp or edl marching harrogate would be u[p in arms about that . this group of people are just as bad , if a catholic wanted too join the lodge they would after renounce their faith also any member of a lodge cant go too a friends funeral if that friend who dies is catholic . this band of people are bigots and rejoice in singing songs about killing catholics in 1690 . i cant believe in this day and age that harrogate of a multi culture society we allow a group who holds one group of people beneath them and wants too wipe them from the face of the earth . i’ve lived in the devide in glagow for ten years and know all about the tensions this group cause , i for one i’m not a cathgolic but i believe we should allow people too live as one at peace with each other not too belittle groups of people like the lodge do . if like dale saya they are a peace loving group who only want too show their loyality too the crown why wsnt the question were asked about where they stand on roman catholics disgrace i will next year be protesting against this walk on my streets of harrogate . would if the irish catholics of harrogate got a republican band together to walk the streets and play ira tunes do you think that would be acceptable i doubt it very much so why should we allow these bigots the right too walk

    • So Steve, it will be you and your mates causing trouble then. Interesting, and hardly furthering your cause.

      Being pro the Crown in the United Kingdom is an admirable thing to do. Being pro the break up of the United Kingdom, or attempting to impose the will of a foreign nation on citizens of the United Kingdom, is not an admirable thing to do. Those activities are rife in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

      There are extremists on both sides of the argument, and in Northern Ireland the separatists tend to be catholics, the unionists tend to be protestants, although that’s not wholly the case.

      The Orange Order is not the BNP, not the EDL, and it’s quite preposterous to suggest so. Again, by elaborating and exaggerating, an argument that may have some legs has been shot down by you.

      We are not extreme in England, we just believe in the union, in the Crown, and are proud of our protestant roots, yet contrary to what you say, not at the expense of all others.

      As you say, let people live in peace, and if you don’t like somebody, do as I do, ignore them.

    • The Orange Order has the right to parade … We dont have power to stop them.

      They represent religious liberty, and were formed never forget, to protect themselves and protestants in general from Roman Catholic aggression.

      There will be many who where hoping that the parade would be marred by some disturbance but it wasnt ! Many towns accross England have small parades such as this each year without any trouble.

      Pity I wasnt able to see it !

  3. wontbothernow iabhor any group who shows a intolerence too anothers faith or reglion and it doesnt matter if their republican or loyalist . at the moment our country is gripped by alot of different cultures in the uk and i’m sick of seeing each one showing a disregaurd too someone elses faith weather it be a jew too arab a muslim too a western we shouldnt allow sectarian groups march too force their veiws upon others

  4. mr nolan is totally wrong the orange order is not anti catholic .and do not forget William of orange was king of England and lived in Hampton court .think Mr nolan needs to get facts correct
    David in north London

  5. des i think you need too go and look your facts i’m 100% correct the orange order are anti catholic and against the pope go check your facts they state in their membership rules you can join a lodge if your a catholic a member is forbid from going too a catholic funeral and they do not reackonise the pope . william of orange was a homosexual king who came from holland and split ireland in two he wanted too wipe the catholic faith from the face of the earth if you want des i’ll send you a couple of links so you can go check your facts about the orange lodge these facts they do not want the public too know as it makes them as bad as the bnp edl or any other raciest group going get yer FACTS RIGHT i’ve posted a couple of links des go and read before you make false claims

    • I think you will find that Ireland was “split”, i.e between Northern Ireland and Eire (now the Republic of Ireland) by an act of Parliament in 1921….. King William died in 1702. And does it matter what his sexuality was, because in today it is strictly illegal to denegrate a person on grounds of sexuallity… are you perhaps harbouring some predudice? And you forget that the Ancient Order of Hibernia, and the Knigts of St Columba are strictly for ROman Catholics – Protestants not allowed! This doesnt make them evil, just an organisation for like minded people of the same religeon.

  6. On another point, they are laying a wreath at a Cenotaph. In N.Ireland, they wreaths at memorial gardens dedicated to people like Brian Robinson. He murdered an innocent Catholic, minutes before he was killed by the British army. The Orange Order for years, have used a band dedicated to this man, and have walked along the Crumlin Road, where Robinson murdered his innocent victim. The Brian Robinson Band walked over the very spot where the victim died.

    That is the calibre of the Orange Order, and the people of England need to know the truth about this organisation’s terror affiliations.

    • seamus, as an english orangeman, have been over 25 yrs, also 15 yrs an orange juvenile, you are allowed your opinion , which is wrong… i have travelled the length and breadth of england, from carlisle to south shields to brixham to london, the only time i have seen any trouble at an orange parade apart from liverpool, was at exeter when the rabble students were told the nf were parading, you will never see an orangeman or woman start a fight, but will quickly retaliate when attacked, as is what we see in northern ireland, in your opinion we do should not have the freedom to parade, catholics and protestants have died together to allow us all the freedom that we have today, why so much hatred to a group of people who want to show there support for our beloved queen,. long may she reign..

    • Seamus If you are as informed as the claim to be then you will know that the orange order does its best to keep young people out of the hands of the paramilitary’s especially in rural districts.The OO is not affiliated in any way to any terrorist organisation or are they supporters of the BNP etc.I for one dont class Brian Robinson a hero and dont condone what he did,What i never hear is republicans condemn their own Volunteers and killers who are looked on as heroes.
      The killers on the loyalist side released under the good Friday agreement find it hard to get jobs and are generally snubbed by the protestant population North Belfast is hard line on both sides hence the Robinson situation and of course Shaun Kelly on the catholic side {Did you forget this Seamus} As for the Order in England this is different and is made up of mainly educated people who are proud of their heritage and culture,as Geoff commented Catholics have an equivalent in the Ancient order of Hibernian s who are conveniently forgotten

  7. Check the internet, I’m not giving away any secrets here, but the orange order require thier entrants to “refrain from unkind word and deeds to thier Catholic neighbours”, hardly sounds bigoted to me.
    The order paraded this year with absolutly no trouble, so if there is problems next year, the whole of Harrogate will see where the insults come from and see them for what they are.
    Take a look at the news reports of the trouble in Belfast and Londonderry and you will see that the brick and bottles are coming from mobs, aimed at the marchers, and not the other way around. The hundreds of other parades in rural Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland pass off peacefully. In July 2012 Sinn Fein said “we will not be hostile to an Orange Order parade in Dublin” (quote from the Irish Examiner Newspaper). To Seamus I say this.
    If the peace process in NI can come to this conclusion, why cant the republican/anti anybody brigade pull themselves out of the dark ages and accept that this is England and we all have civil and religeous liberties.
    There was no paramilitary regalia, or anti religeous parafinalia on show on Saturday.

  8. Steve Nolan so because Catholics can’t joint the Orange Order that means the Order is anti-catholic? That’s as absurd as arguing for a Protestant or Muslim or Jew to be Pope. Orangemen can attend a Catholic burial or cremation, I have attended several. King William wanted to wipe Catholics from the face of the earth? It’s amazing how over 50% of his soldiers were Catholic if he hated them that much. The Orange Order are pro-protestant and as such don’t recognize the pope as the leader of the christian church. That does not make us bigots! Going by your posts you don’t believe we are entitled to our beliefs or culture so by the definition of bigot that would make you a bigot.

    Je Maintiendrai

  9. what a brilliant specticle seeing the orange order parade in harrogate, just a little information to the anti paraders, we as orangemen do not hate catholics, my father in law is one, we are against the idolitrous teachings of the church of rome.. in the past 12 months members of theorange order have been to funerals in northern ireland, for catholic friends, as a young child i was attacked by roman catholics, for being an orange bast.rd, as they called me, but thanks to them it has made me more determend to remain an orangeman all my life, these people never mention the fact that the orange order does many good deeds through out these islands, fund raising for many charities, not asking were funds are going , as i have had many discussions with the anti brigade over the years ,what i have found is that they lack knowledge , are mis informed, all i ask is you ask an orangeman for a chat and they will enlighten you to all the good things we do..

  10. I think Steve Nolan has shown himself up to be the bigot & defeated his own argument.He said about getting a republican band to walk down the street next yr playing ira tunes!!What has this got to do with an Orange Order parade that by all accounts was dignified,peaceful & well behaved.Sounds like someone trying to make some mischief!!!!

  11. Watched parade with interest on Saturday no trouble or bad language I thought the bands especially the one from Leeds were disciplined smart and good musicians in general.I think the press were disappointed there was no trouble as they were waiting to swoop on the slightest problem,heard one camera man sulk off half way round saying nothing going on here, Well done to the organizers good spectacle and it did bring home to me the liberties and freedoms we enjoy By the way i come from a Catholic family but i am British like the rest and put the good of , my country before religion The Catholic church has a place to play but if you know your history it should not be one of power.As they say power corrupts thats why Britain joined the reformation and prospered as a nation See you all next year hopefully

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