From battling cancer to scorpion venom and playing the Blues Bar

20 November 2012

The day before Charlie Lankester was due to mix the final track of ‘Song In A Minor Key’ (in mid-December 2011), he was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma – incurable cancer of the liver.

So much for the bad news; the good news is that, in Charlie’s own words “I ain’t dead yet”; in fact, he is now playing and singing better than ever.

Charlie said:

I was feeling so good about the album that when the doctor told me I had only months to live I just laughed and said ‘No mate, that’s not gonna happen.

I’ve got an album to release.

Fired up by the determination to see through the fruition of his new creation, he immediately finished mixing and sought the very best alternative medical advice available to him – rather than undergo extensive chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Charlie’s tumour has now been reduced by fifty per cent, thanks to dedicated diets and supplements for cancer, plus several courses of intravenous doses of high intensity vitamin C and Scorpion venom.

His upcoming UK Tour which will see him come to Harrogate, Blues Bar on 7th December.

Charlie Lankester first tasted life as a musician when he dropped out of medical school in the late 70’s and spent four years in Aussie cult outfit The Last Chance Café, building a major following ‘Down Under’ and winning support slots with the likes of Fats Domino, BB King, JJ Cale, AC / DC, Billy Joel and Status Quo. Various record deals were offered by such labels as Polygram, CBS and Mushroom, but the band imploded just as they were put on the table. Charlie upped sticks in disgust and travelled to Europe, busking in places like Ibiza and Barcelona before settling in London and training as an Osteopath at the end of the 80’s. Over the last 2 decades, while practising as an osteopath by day, he has morphed into a much sought after musician at night, winning an enviable reputation for his keyboard playing skills.

Having worked with numerous accomplished musicians over the years, he assembled the cream of the crop early in 2011; guitarists Derek (‘Del’) Mandel and Mark Hawkins, bass player Dave Cuthbert, drummer Daniel Howard, plus the consummate horn section of Paul Silver on Saxophone, Gavin Broom on trumpet and Nick Mills on trombone, dubbed them ‘The Mojo Killers’ and headed into the studio.

Fighting back twice as hard as he has made dramatic improvements – a great guy who is not letting cancer get in the way of his music.


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  1. I have a 30 years old son with blader cancer. He had a surgery 2 months ago, and he will have another one the 29 of November. We are in the hands of Our Lord. And I am his mother, we both have faith in Jesus Christ, that everything is going to be fine!!! My prayers are going to this musician, and God Bless Him.

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