Poll – Should the Harrogate Christmas Market sell food for consumption at the Market?

22 October 2012

The Harrogate Christmas Market will not have food stands that sell food for consumption during the market itself.

The market will run between 22 – 25 November 2012.

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  1. Food is allowed to be consumed within the market – so the poll is invalid. The Crown hotel are selling seasonal food and wine from their fourcourt only 6 meters away – this can be brought into the event, as are the slug and lettuce (who do childrens meals for £1 on a sunday)and the two cupcake companies are whipping up something really special!

    • You are missing the point, Kim. Anybody can eat at the Crown and the Slug n Lettuce any day, although might not be able to afford the Crown.
      It’s the atmosphere of the stalls, the Christmas specialties, the browsing with your German sausage in your hand, the smell, the mulled wine. You’re robbing people of what they want. Why? Protectionism never works…
      Look at the poll above, digest it, don’t ignore it.

      The protectionism does seem rather specific too, so I guess the food establishments had something over the organisers. For example, 2 stalls selling fudge, yet a fudge shop yards from the market. Clothes stalls, fancy goods stalls, they all have their competition, or alternatives, in town. Why the selective protectionism? Now there’s an interesting question.

  2. Even if 5,000 people voted yes, the organisers would still bury their heads in the sand. They would do well to change their mad plans before the only thing served up will be egg…..on their faces

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