St John Fisher sixth form given a flavour of the corporate world

Business students from Aidans and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form were given a flavour of the corporate world on Tuesday 25th September, through a series of in- presentations by O2.


David Wood, Head of Business at St John Fisher, explained:

We were delighted that O2 were able work in partnership with us to help bring learning to life for our Business A-level students. We have strong relationships with many businesses in the area and in the Diocese of , and O2’s commitment to enthusing and encouraging emerging talent from our associated sixth form was much appreciated.

O2 is a well-known company with products and services that students can easily identify with. The students have been researching online and through other media for a project on recruitment at the company. Being able to directly question company personnel about their roles and experiences has given them a great advantage. The three speakers gave very en- gaging presentations based on work at management, supervisory and customer-facing levels.




Ellie Jobson and Georgia Holberry, Y12 said:

The sessions were really useful. Talking to the presenters gave us a clear un- derstanding of the benefits of working for large corporations. It definitely gave us a better realisation of the working world, the processes of recruitment and what opportunities are available to us after education.


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