North Yorkshire Police Federation support need for ‘plebgate’ investigation

26 September 2012

North Yorkshire Police Federation support their colleagues in West Midlands, West Mercia and Warwickshire who at 11am on Wednesday 26th September will be launching a hard hitting advertising campaign outside the constituency office of Andrew Mitchell MP for Sutton Coldfield.

These three Police Federation branches, representing thousands of rank and file officers across the midlands region, are launching a hard-hitting advertising campaign with billboard sites throughout Birmingham in the run-up to the Conservative Party Conference being held in the city from Sunday 7 October.

The campaign – which will also involve thousands of leaflets being handed out to the public – is being launched from outside the constituency office of Andrew Mitchell MP, the Government chief whip embroiled in a row over allegedly swearing at Downing Street police officers and calling them ‘plebs’.


Mark Botham, chairman of North Yorkshire Police Federation said:

We feel the Prime Minister has failed to get to the bottom of this matter.

It cannot be right that Mr Mitchell can deny making the comments attributed to him, contrary to the police officer’s notes, and yet not come out and say what he did say.

If he did call police officers’ ‘plebs’, and we have no reason to doubt the integrity of the officers involved, it’s just another sign of the disrespect the Conservatives, the once heralded party of law and order, show to the police service.



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