Jenson Button’s Victus Restaurant closes after less than a year of trading

5 August 2012

Victus Restaurant in Harrogate has now closed after managing less than a year of trading.

The management team has blamed the continued economic downturn in the UK making it an unsustainable climate for a business of this nature.

Jenson Button and his manager Richard Goddard were investors in the business with Goddard commenting:

It’s a huge shame Victus has found itself in this situation especially when the reasons behind it are really a question of timing rather than anything else.

We were approached by friends a few years ago about investing in this project and with over 2 years of research having gone into the restaurant and a further year spent on securing the right building and refurbishing it this is in no way down to a lack of preparation or understanding.

Unfortunately the business was launched in an economy which then continued to slide and just hasn’t stopped with people simply not having the disposable income needed to spend in restaurants.

If you’re a chain you have the chance to balance out slow areas with busy areas but when you are just starting out and only have one restaurant unfortunately you don’t have that luxury.

Although the management team are blaming economic issues, Harrogate still maintains a vibrant restaurant and café culture with Victus being in a minority having recently closed. There are a number of restaurants and cafés that have opened during the last year that are flourishing with strong trade.

Jenson Button at the opening of Victus
Jenson Button at the opening of Victus

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