Solar Panel Harrogate

Council vote to have powers to stop solar panel installations on Stray facing properties


Harrogate Borough Council has today (27 June 2012) voted in favour to have powers to stop solar panel installations on Stray facing properties.

These changes will mean that properties facing onto the Stray will now need to seek planning permission for solar panel installations.

The Cabinet for Planning, Transport and Economic Development considered that the decision was justified as a means of maintaining the character and appearance of the conservation area and to stop piecemeal and uncoordinated installation of solar panels on the roofs of buildings fronting the Stray.


  1. Terrible. The council’s already abysmal record on green matters (recycling) gets even worse.

  2. Ridiculous! Will houses get compensation if they’re not allowed to have solar panels?

    To be honest though… I’m just getting angry for the sheer hell of it.

    Solar power is totally counter-productive in a place like the UK. The energy required to make and install solar panels will no way be made up by their actual usage. Haha.

  3. You have to laugh at HBC have they got nothing better to do. We all need to start to take responsibility for or own energy and as for the comment above what does he suggest. Another one of Harrogates armchair experts. They could help the environment in this town by building a proper bypass.

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