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1 April 2012


Opportunity came knocking for First Year Interior Architectural Design students at Harrogate College when they were invited to visit SoVibrant, a leading Harrogate multi-disciplinary design agency.

The students from the College were given the opportunity to see how a professional working practice operates in an increasingly competitive market.

Students were given a presentation by sales director Mike Carter, followed by a question and answer session with design manager Paul Brook and interior designer Victoria Stares.

Afterwards Louise Lumsden, Lecturer in Interior Architectural Design, said:

It’s fantastically generous of SoVibrant to give their time and expertise and many of the students came away feeling inspired and motivated. When it comes to studying a subject, there’s nothing like practical, real-life experience to make it come alive.” First Year Students, Marie Dunn and Jen Cortes both agreed: “We learnt a lot in a short time and are now determined to use our course and get into this fascinating but competitive profession.

Victoria said:

We really enjoyed meeting the students and learning what they are thinking. We want to support the next generation of interior designers; many of us remember what it was like studying the subject and we all felt that direct support and advice from the industry was missing. Part of our company ethos is to give back to the community and these students are on our doorstep. We are making real waves nationally and internationally with our work and we welcome young people who want to learn.

SoVibrant already run a popular forum and blog offering advice, support and insight for interior design students and peers

The agency specialise in using multi-disciplinary design to revolutionise business brands and working cultures. The team’s portfolio boasts groundbreaking projects across the region, nationally and internationally for some of the world’s biggest brands. Founded in 2009, SoVibrant has doubled turnover and profits year on year.


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