Harrogate Academy
Gee CHEKS In! The Academy’s Health and Fitness Manager Gee Fai Wu who has joined the elite CHEK institute

Harrogate Fitness Trainer checks into the CHEK institute

The Group Health and Fitness Manager at a Harrogate leisure company has been awarded a prestigious qualification from a world renowned training organisation.

Gee Fai Wu – who has worked for The Academy Health and Fitness Group for over 10 years – is one of only two people from the Harrogate District to have received the recognition from the California-based CHEK Institute.

The CHEK Exercise Coach accreditation now means that Gee is able to train and work with clients, advising on such matters as stress and healthy lifestyle management, using the proven CHEK principles.

Harrogate Academy
Gee CHEKS In! The Academy’s Health and Fitness Manager Gee Fai Wu who has joined the elite CHEK institute


Named after its founder, Paul Chek, CHEK is also an acronym for Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology.

The CHEK training principles focus on integrating mind body exercises taken from Tai-Chi and Yoga and integrating them with traditional cardiovascular and weight training; assessing and addressing postural and movement defects within the body; assessing the individual’s physiological stress loads, so that a series of individualised programmes can be created to improve and enhance how the body moves and functions.

Gee, who also manages fitness at The Academy’s sister club – Beckwith Health Club, on the town’s Otley Road – said:

In the health and fitness world having a CHEK qualification is a very sought after achievement. They are not given out lightly and are the product of a great deal of hard work and practical training.

Students have to demonstrate a high level of competence and are required to pass a series of exams to be considered for the course.

This qualification has given me the additional skills and understating to design bespoke programmes, to achieve results through addressing postural dysfunctions, core and back deficits and imbalances and physiological imbalances, to make a meaningful difference in my clients’ lives.

It is now my ambition to master the skills from the CHEK Exercise Coach programme and to then go on to the CHEK Level 1Practioner accreditation!”

The Academy’s Managing Director Philippa Shackleton said:

CHEK is recognised the world over, and a certification from it greatly enhances a trainer’s reputation.

Gee is an outstanding Health and Fitness Manager and we are delighted that he has been awarded CHEK accreditation.

For our members it means they can be confident that they are continuing to be trained by highly-skilled individuals who have both drive and ambition to fulfil their needs. We are very proud of Gee and his achievement.

The CHEK Practitioner Program is oriented directly to develop practical skills by mastering the underlying theories along with the hands-on applications.

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