Clean Energy (Yorkshire) enters biomass market

7 March 2012

A Harrogate-based renewable energy company is to set up a new biomass division.

The move by Clean Energy (Yorkshire) – which recently installed 200 solar panels on the roof of Harrogate Grammar School – comes on the back of a Government announcement to incentivise the take up of the wood-pellet burning systems.

Biomass burners derive energy from sustainable fuels, such as wood-pellets. As well as being greener they are at least 20 per cent cheaper to run than LPG and oil-fired boilers.

Tamsin Cassidy, who started Clean Energy (Yorkshire) in 2009 with her husband Spencer, said:

This move into the biomass market demonstrates our commitment to offer our customers a full range of energy efficient systems.

For the last three years we have developed the solar PV side of the business, it is only now.

There is so much more to green than solar systems and the biomass market is now really starting to take off. They are very efficient and so much more economical to run than traditional oil and LPG boilers.

The sudden rise in popularity of biomass energy has come about following the Government announcement that it was to offer quarterly payouts to commercial and industrial institutions installing biomass fuel systems.

Pellet Power! Clean Energy’s Tamsin Cassidy (right) and Sarah Casey with biomass boiler pellets
Pellet Power! Clean Energy’s Tamsin Cassidy (right) and Sarah Casey with biomass boiler pellets

The system will come into force for domestic customers in October this year, though a subsidy for the burner itself is available now. The fuel used in the Clean Energy (Yorkshire) systems are wood pellets made from densely-packed sawdust which boast a low moisture content for maximum efficiency.

Tamsin added:

Wood pellet burners generate up to 90 per cent less CO2 emissions than heating oil, and the pellets are more efficient to transport as they are often sourced locally.

Clean Energy (Yorkshire) is located at Pannal Business Park and now employs over 30 people, based all over the region.

It also offers installations of solar panels, underfloor heating, wind turbines and ground and air source heat pumps.

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