No taxi fares increases during 2012


Harrogate Borough Council, who set the maximum charges for taxis in the area, have decided to not apply any increases for the year from April 2012.

During December / January 2012 a survey of hackney carriage drivers was carried out to seek their views on fares. 126 fare review questionnaires were sent out in total with 70 being  returned by the cut-off date (a return rate of 55.5%).

26 requested an increase = 37.1%, 6 requested a decrease = 8.6%, 38 requested no change = 54.3%

Representation from Ripon & District Taxi drivers trade group requested a moderate increase of flag fall increase from £3.10 to £3.20 and running mile increase to increase by 4.3% from £1.75 to £1.82

The 4.3% requested was in-line with the increase shown on the hackney carriage cost formulae used by the Borough Council. The cost formulae considers vehicle cost, parts, garage labour, fuel, insurance, cost of living and average weekly earnings.

Harrogate is currently 19th most expensive at 2 miles out of 363 local authorities, but is positioned at number one out of 86 local authorities in the North of England.

In their decision to not apply an increase the Council said:

In view of the Council’s position in the private hire monthly league table, both nationally and regionally, the response to the survey of drivers and proprietors, and the general public interest, the Cabinet Member determined not to apply an increase to the existing fares.

The setting of fares is a statutory duty placed upon the Council and it is the Council’s responsibility to strike a balance between setting a fare that is acceptable to the customer and to the taxi driver.


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