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Name released of man who died as a result of the collision on the A1 near Allerton Park

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Gordon BlairThe name the man who died as a result of the collision on the A1 near Allerton Park on Wednesday 28 December 2011 has been released.

He was 50-year-old Gordon Mark Blair who lived in Sunderland until very recently, before moving to the Selby district.

Family statement from the parents of Gordon Mark Blair:

We are all truly devastated by Gordon’s sudden and tragic death .

Firstly we would like to thank the emergency services for all the support we have received at this very difficult time.

Gordon was born on 11th April 1961 in Glasgow. He was the first of two children.

Gordon trained very hard for a career in nursing in which he specialised as a psychiatric nurse.

For many years Gordon lived in Bristol where he had many friends, during these years Gordon graduated from the University of West England with a law degree.

Whilst studying law Gordon had a short break from nursing but returned a few years later when he moved to Newcastle.

Gordon had a love for sightseeing and visiting historic places like York Minister.

He was a doting father to his two-year-old son Archie, a loving son and inspirational brother.


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