Thieves take toys from charity destined for Christmas Party

14 December 2011

PresentOpportunist thieves in Harrogate have taken toys from a charity destined for 65 children at a Christmas Party.

The presents for a party were left overnight in a boot of a car, but unfortunately not locked. The owner discovered that they had been taken the following morning although without enough time to replace them before the party.

The toys were being provided by the charity, Harrogate and Knaresborough Toy Library which encourages development of children by-play.

Elizabeth Carlson, part of the committee that operates the toy library said:

It was a real shame as we wanted the children to go home with a present from the party but they left without one this time.

There wasn’t enough time to replace them.

We have another Christmas party this Friday and will make sure there are presents.


The toys were valued at £130 and have now been replaced.




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