Householders have six weeks to take advantage of current “Feed in” tariff payments

Householders have just six weeks to take advantage of the current Government payments for solar-generated electricity, a leading renewable energy company has warned.

On Monday, (October 31) the Government is to announce that as of December 8, 2011 – instead of April 1, 2012 – its feed in tariff paid for generating electricity from solar panels will be slashed from 43.3p per unit to just 21p per unit.

The move – to bring it forward by four months – has been criticised by Spencer Cassidy, the managing director of Harrogate-based Clean Energy (Yorkshire).

Mr Cassidy, whose business employs just under 30 people, said:

I can’t understand the Government’s reasoning for bringing the date forward. It’s going to throw the whole industry into panic.

Householders have just six weeks to install a solar energy system if they want to take advantage of the current payments.

We are predicting an avalanche of orders between now and December 8. After that it will be a totally different story.

Mr Cassidy said he could also see a number of companies that just installed solar panels going out of business by the end of the year, as a direct result of the Government’s decision.

He added:

We are relatively well placed to ride this out as we install a number of other renewable energy solutions.

These include wind turbines, anaerobic digesters, ground source and air source heat pumps and pellet-fuelled boilers. Some of these technologies have actually seen their tariffs increased.


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