Tesco in Harrogate

Plans Approved for Tesco Superstore in Harrogate

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Tesco in HarrogateCouncillors in have approved plans for a Tesco superstore on a former gasworks site in .

The landmark decision follows a five year battle by the company to build a store in the town, the only postcode in mainland Britain without a Tesco superstore.

Borough Council voted 11 in favour, 3 against and 1 abstention to the application, which Tesco says will create 300 new jobs.

Objections raised by councillors, members of the public and Harrogate and Commerce included concerns about traffic congestion and the danger of building on a former gasworks.

The Council said the matter would be referred to the Health and Safety Executive for a final decision to be made on whether the plans could go ahead or should be referred to the Secretary of State.

If there are no further objections the new superstore could be completed within two years.

Tesco’s regional corporate affairs manager, Matthew Magee commented:

Obviously we are pleased with the decision from Councillors. I think all along we have said it is a popular application and it was good to hear that come from Councillors directly.

I think was always going to be the issue and again it comes down to the professionals making a judgement that will be acceptable around the site and that the wider network will improve as a result of the store.

We are really pleased to be in this position and have the recommendation that we have.




Click here to read Harrogate News’ live feed from the meeting.

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  1. I just can’t believe this has happened.
    I have been against it since the beginning and it simply seems that Tesco have won because they have far more cash to fight their case than HBC have to fight against it.
    What a shame that Tesco have got their own way in the end…

  2. Thank goodness Harrogate is being injected with job potential. The snobs who rallied against the Tesco building application will be first to shop there once its built, just wait and see.
    Residents of Harrogate need accessible employment of this sort, what i mean is not everyone is a Scientist or Bio Engineer able to work at Covance or are qualified into the heavens for job descriptions so discombobulated they make most job applicants want to run and hide.
    Tesco is doing us a huge favour, however regards traffic congestion i predict most people who live around the surrounding area (Coppice etc) who head out to Asda in their car, will now instead go to Tesco on foot, especially now fuel prices in general are ripping a hole in our wallets. Remember shopper-on-wheels are Grandmas used to have? They will come back in fashion :) Thanks Tesco!

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