No reports of riots in North or West Yorkshire overnight

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There has been speculation overnight of riots in and Bradford.

The West Yorkshire have re-iterated that no riots have taken place in or Bradford overnight.

They have confirmed that a small pocket of violence broke out after midnight in the Chapeltown, which included a car being set on . The car was quickly extinguished by the service.

have emphasised that the incident was quickly taken under control by the and has been described as “short-lived”

They further reported that there were no incidents in the City Centre itself or elsewhere in the city.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable for the North Yorkshire Police, Tim Madgwick, said: “As part of the national response to the disorder in London, North Yorkshire Police have responded to a request from the Metropolitan Police and have sent resources to assist colleagues in London.

“The are no reports of any disorder across North Yorkshire or the City of . However, we have increased the numbers of officers on the streets to ensure that this remains the case. Any incidents will be dealt with in a effective and decisive manner and offenders will be put before the courts.

“Social networking sites are also being monitored and anyone using them as a way of organising disorder across the force area will be dealt with in a robust manner.”


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  1. please stop rioting im sure the government will reconsider their decisions please stop it im so scared and so are my 3 year old sisters

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