Landlord blocks access to House to stop tenants leaving ‘owing thousands’

18 May 2011

A landlord has blocked off access to a home with ten skips to stop his tenants from leaving without paying the £15,000 he claims they owe him.

The £15,000 is for interest incurred due to late rent payments, legal costs incurred by the landlord and some rent arrears. There is also disagreement around the notice period that the tenant needed to give to leave.

The £15,000 consists of:

Interest on late payments: £6000.00

Half months rent: £1500.00 (now paid  as of 19 May)

Legal fees: £1500.00 (now £2500.00 as of 19 May)

2 months rent in lieu of notice: £6000.00

The Everingham family have been renting their former family home in Markington to Dan and Christina Herring following financial problems with Simon’s business during the recession.

The drive-way was initially blocked with a single trailer, but when it became apparent the tenants were intending to carry their belongings, further skips were added.

The Herring family have now left the home in Markington by calling on up to 30 friends to carry belongings through fields to awaiting vehicles. A container lorry arrived today (18 May 2011) to find that the Herring family had already moved out.

Lucy & Val Everingham

The daughter of Simon Everingham, Lucy : “They were laughing and mocking us  as they cleared the house and we couldn’t do anything about it, the police turned up but didn’t do anything to stop it”

Simon’s Everingham wife, Val Everingham : “It’s just not right, it’s as though they think they can just walk away from it. We need this money to pay our mortgage and there is now a threat of a repossession on the property after the building society took the matter to the Harrogate County Courts”

The Everingham’s also believe that the tenants are leaving 2 years before the end of the agrred contract so over £80,000 is due in payment.

They have been told they work at the Menwith Hill U.S. base nearby but have said that they now need to return to the United States after Mr Herring found a new job.

The Herring family have been approached for comment but not done so.


Container Lorry arrives although the Tenants have left






  1. If these tenants were so bad at keeping up with the payments, why extend they lease? There are two sides to every story. I am surprised more information was not gathered for this article.

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