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18 April 2011

The York and North Yorkshire Waste PartnershipNational compost awareness week starts on Sunday 1 May. The theme this year is ‘pass it on’, and is aimed at encouraging people to pass on composting knowledge and help others to go peat free by composting waste at home.

Compost awareness week coincides with the launch of the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership’s new low price compost bin scheme.

A bin can be bought for just £10 for a 220 litre Compost Converter or £13 for a 330 litre Compost Converter compost bin plus home delivery of just £5.49 per order. There’s even a buy one get one half price offer, making home composting even better value. To buy a bin contact Evengreener on 0844 571 444 or visit www.getcomposting.com and take advantage of these bargain prices while funding lasts.

The waste partnership and the York and North Yorkshire Rotters will be doing their bit during compost awareness week by passing on their knowledge of home composting and greener gardening to the residents of North Yorkshire and York.

County Councillor Clare Wood, chairman of the York and North Yorkshire waste partnership commented: “Around 30% of the average household’s waste can be easily composted at home – this includes egg shells, coffee grounds, vegetarian pet bedding and vacuum bag contents as well as fruit and vegetable peelings and grass cuttings.

“Producing compost from your waste is an easy way to create your own peat free compost and feed your garden this summer. And, we are making it even easier for people to compost at home by offering the low price home compost bins.

She added: “If you are unsure of how to get started then I would encourage you to contact the Rotters who are all experienced and fully trained volunteers who can show you how to get the best out of your compost bin.”

To find out how to produce quality, peat free compost from waste or to pick up a leaflet about the special offer compost bins, partnership staff and Rotters volunteers will be at the events shown below.

Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May – Dales Festival of Food and Drink, Leyburn from 10am until 5pm each day.

Sunday 1st May – Haxby/Wigginton Scarecrow Festival – 12 noon to 4.30pm at Haxby/Wiggington Methodist Church

Sunday 1st May Spring Flower Show, RHS Harlow Carr, Crag Lane, Harrogate, HG3 1QB, 10am to 4pm.

Monday 2nd May – Dutch House Spring festival – Crayke near Easingwold from 12 noon to 5pm.

Tuesday 3rd May – Composting Training Course, St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre, York, 7pm to 9pm

Friday 6th May – Worm charming on Scarcroft Green, York – 3.00pm to 4.30pm

Friday 6th May and Saturday 7th May – Let It Grow, Skipton Auction Mart, Ling Fields, Gargrave Road, Skipton, BD23 1UX from 10am to 4pm each day.

Saturday 7th May – Eco Active Day, St Nicholas Fields Environment Centre, York – 10am to 1pm

To find out more about the events in your area, or for advice on home composting, visit www.letstalklessrubbish.com or contact the waste team on 01609 532512.


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