Markington Gala to have a Spitfire Fly-over

27 March 2011

Markington Gala will have a fly-over from a WW2 Spitfire.

This year’s event is  being held on 29th May 2011 from 1pm in the centre of Markington village.

Once again this popular traditional event will have something for the whole family from cream teas and welly wanging to traditional ale and face painting.

This year will be extra special as a Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will flying over the event, a PM631 (mk PRXIX) Spitfire with a 36 litre Griffon 66 engine.

The event organiser, Martin Griffin explained more: “Markington Gala is our biggest fund-raiser for the  village providing essential funds for the village hall and the pre-school nursery.

Having the spitfire flying over is great for the gala and should attract many more people”

Martin Griffin, Martkington
Martin Griffin, Gala Organiser

Martin explained further about the Spitfire and the special significance to him “My father flew spitfires in the war and when I talked to the RAF they asked me which spitfire he flew – they are actually sending the same model that he flew.

It’s a high-altitude model and my father evaded being captured by the Germans in one during the war.

He was flying at an altitude that the German planes  couldn’t fly up to,  they just flew beneath him waiting for him to drop down.

He was running low on fuel but luckily the German planes gave up chasing minutes before he had to drop down”



For further information see their facebook event

or the Gala see the main website

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