Earth quake hits North Yorkshire

4 January 2011

The British Geological Survey report an earth quake.

At 21.03 on 3rd Jan 11 it occurred with a magnitude 3.6ML with the centre 9km WNW of Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Tremors were experienced strongly in Ripon and Masham with smaller tremors reported in Harrogate and Pannal.

Did you feel the earth quake ? The British Geological survey would like your feedback, complete their questionnaire

The BGS report earth quake activity is not increasing. Despite recent devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and China, as well as magnitude 7+ earthquakes in Indonesia and California, might give the impression that earthquake activity is increasing. In fact, a quick look at earthquake statistics over the last 20 years shows that this is not the case. On average there are about 15 earthquakes every year with a magnitude of 7 or greater.

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