Poll: Should you have to pay to park in Harrogate on Sundays and after 6pm ?

North Yorkshire County are proposing to increase parking charges with a flat fee of £2 after 6pm on a weekday and the normal tariff on a Sunday. Currently both these times currently offer free parking.

County Council have made claims that the changes are necessary to improve business in Harrogate as it would enable a greater turnover of spaces.

We are yet to find any local businesses that support these proposed changes, but would welcome any to contact us at news@harrogate-news.co.uk

Although the official consultation period is now over, you can still complete our online poll.

The decision will be discussed next month by the Area Committee, the forum of the district county councillors. The Area Committee will vote and make their recommendation to the Executive Committee of the County Council.


Should you have to pay to park in Harrogate after 6pm and on a Sundays?

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