Europe’s leading marketplaces of 2024 on the example of AUTODOC and others. Discover the secret of success

21 May 2024

Online shopping is firmly embedded in the lives of Europeans. Marketplaces offering a wide range of products and convenient delivery terms have become one of the main sales channels. 

 Innovations that change the marketplace

The success of a marketplace depends on many factors, including product assortment, pricing, delivery, service and innovation. Leading marketplaces are constantly innovating to improve the user experience and increase their competitiveness. They use: 

  • Artificial intelligence to personalise recommendations, improve product search and optimise logistics; 
  • Mobile apps that allow shoppers to shop, track orders and communicate with retailers; 
  • Virtual and augmented reality to get a fuller picture of the product and help customers virtually ‘try on’ clothes or visualise how, for example, furniture will look in their homes; 
  • Voice assistants that simplify the process of searching for products and placing orders; 
  • Local warehouses to reduce delivery times and improve customer service.

By introducing these innovations, marketplaces aim to make online shopping as convenient, fast and profitable as possible for their users.

A few notable examples

A wide range of products, competitive prices, fast delivery, excellent service, innovation – these are the secrets of success of the leading European marketplaces of 2024.

Zalando : the fashion favourite

Zalando is Germany’s leading online speciality shop for fashion clothing, footwear and accessories. The company offers a wide selection of brands, easy site navigation, the ability to try on products before buying, easy returns and exchanges. The company has a developed network of points of delivery of orders and excellent service. Zalando invested in the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies to improve the user experience. 

AUTODOC: car parts and service 

AUTODOC is the leading online retailer of car parts in Europe. The company offers a wide range of quality automotive products, fast delivery, a convenient online platform and provides reliable customer support. AUTODOC 2023 net revenue exceeded €1.3 billion. The company is an example of a successful transition from retail sales to service-oriented offerings. AUTODOC can offer customers the convenience of making appointments for repairs, parts installation and scheduled maintenance directly through its platform.

Allegro : products of different categories

Allegro is the largest online marketplace in Poland. The company offers goods from various categories, both from big brands and local sellers. Allegro offers fast and convenient delivery of goods throughout Poland, uses Artificial Intelligence to personalise product recommendations and offers. Allegro is also known for its well-developed auction system. 

MediaMarkt: electronics and home appliances

MediaMarkt is a leading German seller of electronics and home appliances that allows customers to shop both online and offline. MediaMarkt is also adopting new technologies to improve the experience of its marketplace. The company uses virtual and augmented reality so that shoppers can imagine virtual electronics, appliances or TVs in their home.

These are just some of the leading European marketplaces of 2024, which are leading the European e-commerce market due to their customer focus, wide range of products, innovative technology and excellent service.

Europe’s leading marketplaces are constantly innovating to improve the user experience and offer the best products and services to their customers.

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