Snow, ice, and safety: The case for winter tyres

20 December 2023

With the cold weather firmly upon the UK, drivers should be thinking about driving as safely as possible. As the winter months draw on, snow and ice are a real possibility, and these can make driving hazardous. Before you travel anywhere in winter, it is worth checking the weather forecast before you leave as the weather can change very quickly in the UK.

One safety measure you can take is getting snow tyres properly fitted. By investing in tyres specifically for your car, you can be sure that you have added safety benefits when driving in hazardous conditions.

Enhanced traction in cold conditions

Winter tyres are built differently from summer tyres. They are made of a softer rubber than normal tyres which means that when they hit the road they are slightly flatter to the ground. This means there is a more stable amount of traction, especially in the winter months. Summer tyres do fluctuate and mould to the temperature changes during warmer weather but do not do this during the cold. Due to this, they are more prone to skidding in colder weather, regardless of whether there is ice or not.

The tread patterns of winter tyres also help with traction by having biting edges which help to grip the road as you pass over it. This reduces the likelihood of skidding and slipping, making for a safer drive.

Shorter stopping distances

Braking in an emergency can be challenging, regardless of whether you are using summer or winter tyres. Not only do you have to think about the distances between other road users and pedestrians, but you also have to consider the road conditions.

Winter tyres, as mentioned, are designed to grip the road in wintry conditions. Not only does this help with traction but it also helps with braking. They bite into snow and ice, allowing you to have better control over your vehicle.

This helps to prevent accidents and collisions in winter weather, especially when the road surfaces can be unpredictable.

Optimised performance in cold weather

Due to the way they are manufactured, winter tyres are designed to perform their best in cooler temperatures. They maintain their elasticity in the cold, which ensures a consistent performance level and safety throughout their use.

Whichever model of the car you have, you can always benefit from winter tyres. Sports cars, however, are often designed with acceleration in mind. Accelerating quickly, even to the legal speed limits, on wintry roads can cause skidding, slipping, and collisions if precautions are not taken. Purchasing some winter BMW tyres, for example, is a good way of matching your car’s performance whilst being safe.

Investing in winter tyres is a proactive way to adapt your vehicle to the changing seasons and prevent some accidents from occurring.

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