Tradu: The New trading platform set to revolutionise the industry 

28 November 2023

A new trading platform by market disruptors, Tradu, is now live. Designed by investors, for investors, the versatile platform has been meticulously constructed to offer traders the ultimate portfolio-building platform. 

Backed by Jefferies, a leading global investment firm, the new platform offers investors everything they need in one place. Offering investors a choice of over 10,000 tradeable assets, more than 100 commodities and over 8,000 US stocks, Tradu is set to become the go-to for ambitious investors.  

Paresh Patel, Global Head of Trading at Tradu, said: “You’ll be able to do crypto, FX, CFDs, indices, treasuries all in one place. [You’ll also have] the ability to have the ease to transfer your money from one account to another, seamlessly.”     

Add to that execution times of 18 milliseconds and it’s easy to see why this platform is gaining momentum with new and experienced traders alike.  

Enhanced customer experience  

As well as fast access to a wide range of assets and low spreads, one of the biggest ways Tradu seek to enhance the customer experience is through its client-centric approach. Michael Grant, Director of Global Compliance at Tradu explains:  

“We’re about honesty and integrity. If clients have an issue, we should be able to deal with any questions they may have. Being fair in our treatment of clients and not being obstructive or dishonest is foundational in everything we do. We’re very mindful that we’re trying to build a business and a legacy. We’re not here to set up shop tomorrow and disappear the next day.” 

Stringent compliant measures to protect traders  

Unlike other trading brokers, Tradu is committed to protecting its clients and ensuring good risk management strategies are in place. This includes identifying the risks and helping clients limit these risks.  

Michael Grant explains further: 

“The primary challenge is that our sector is considered by most people to be high-risk. Most of the rules are designed to protect our clients, and one of the main headaches is reading the temperature in each of the regulatory jurisdictions. They can go up and down depending on local political issues, among other things. So, it’s about being able to monitor how that temperature fluctuates and making sure we run the business in accordance with that.”  

Falling foul of regulations could lead to a wide variety of risks to the business and to traders too. For example: 

Individuals may be subject to personal sanctions such as fines or reprimands, the regulators could impose a fine on us as an organisation, or express their dissatisfaction in the local press, which leads to adverse publicity.”  

By adopting a compliance-first approach, Tradu are taking steps to ensure their traders are always protected.  

Why is Tradu set to become the go-to for traders? 

Offering tight spreads, thousands of assets and an enhanced user experience, traders around the world have been making the switch to the intuitive platform to execute more trades. Add into the mix the 24/5 customer service in 15 languages and it’s easy to see why this ambitious firm is predicted to dominate the industry over the next 5 years.  

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