How to build your career as a mechanic

11 August 2023

Do you dream of becoming a mechanic? Working with cars, bikes, vans and trucks can be an incredibly rewarding profession. Better still, it’s a reliable industry for job prospects and career progression.

Getting your mechanic career underway relies on a foundation of training and qualifications before developing your skills with practical experience. From there you can choose your own path. Here are the basic steps to building your dream career as a mechanic.

Training and qualifications

Every mechanic needs the foundation of relevant training and qualifications. Diplomas are the most common courses for mechanics to gain the basic knowledge, but advanced training certificates and apprenticeships are great for bolstering your skillset.

Learning from experienced technicians can help to lay the groundwork for the practical elements that you’ll need eventually, but a sound theoretical understanding is key to ensure you know how and why you’re doing certain tasks.

Practical experience

Getting hands-on in a mechanic role is crucial to build technical understanding and commercial awareness. You can’t learn everything in a classroom, and people tend to forget much of what they do anyway. Finding your first professional job is a significant milestone in your career journey.

Practical experience and repetition of tasks help to refine your abilities and build your confidence. You’ll also develop your problem-solving skills and analytical capabilities by working closely with customer vehicles. Understanding the practicalities of running a motor trade business and the need for necessities such as road risk insurance is likely to be another area of development. There’s no substitute for sheer hard work and time in the role.

Niche specialisation and certifications

Once you’ve spent enough time getting to grips with the trials and tribulations of the garage business, many professionals look to hone their skills and experience in a certain area. This can add another string to your bow and help you stand out in the job market.

Certifications from specific manufacturers or industry bodies can help to enhance your skill set and reputation in motor trade niches. Add them to your CV and professional profile and you’ll be able to set your sights higher in terms of career advancement.

Advancing and future prospects

With all the fundamentals taken care of, you can look to chart your path for the road ahead. You could continue to specialise in one area and become an industry leader, start your own garage to inspire young mechanics and build your empire or try something completely out of the box.

There will always be demand for mechanics, even as the automotive world goes fully electric and petrol and diesel vehicles become a remnant of the past. Consider where you could thrive in this new reality.

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