A Hop, Skip, And A Jump: 3 Ways To Get Your Travel Fix From Harrogate

2 June 2023

Harrogate is the place to be. The whole world is just a short trip in the sky, and the picturesque places of interest across the UK are only hours from your doorstep. Some areas of outstanding natural beauty are just minutes away. Whether you want to jet off to a foreign land or have a day out just around the corner, Harrogate has got your back.

Gateway To The World

If you want to explore farther-flung places, the wider world is just a hop, skip, and jump away. Leeds Bradford Airport is only a small distance away and from there, you can get to pretty much anywhere on the planet. There are plenty of cheap flight options to the USA, with a stop like Dublin or Amsterdam before jumping across the pond to New York, Washington, Chicago, or L.A. 

It’s a good time to explore America too, with exchange rates and prices creating some competitive deals when compared to European cities. You can keep an eye on the latest dollar price, and review its historical trends, with this DXY chart. Trading at the right time can get you a lot more bang for your buck when you’re in the big city. Cheap fun flights, online accommodation deals, and a good rate on your dollars can combine to create much better value than a weekend in Paris, Rome, or Barcelona. See more of the world, and Harrogate will be waiting for you when you get back from your getaway. 

Britain Is A Land Of Hidden Gems

Hopping on a plane isn’t for everyone, and if you want to explore and discover new treasures without leaving the UK, you are spoilt for choice. Pick any direction. The further North you go, the better it gets. In Northumberland, you can find a mix of historic castles and luxury hotels, framed by the stark beauty of the intricate coastline. Go South for a city break in London to see the nation’s biggest attractions, or even further to the white cliffs of Dover and the English Channel. From tip to toe, the UK has everything you need for a break. Why pay for flights?

Keeping It Close Rocks Too

There is a world to explore on your doorstep. Harrogate is blessed with picturesque scenery and a countryside filled with perfect picnic spots and grand days out in beautiful Britain. Just minutes outside of Harrogate is an area brimming with history, beauty, and a grand day out for the whole family, or a couple of friends. Plumpton Rock is a 30-acre park with a man-made lake as its centrepiece. This huge rock garden and water feature was recently the scene of the finale of the BBC Drama ‘Better’ too, adding to its history and giving the stunning scenery the recognition it deserves.

Whether you want to go on a voyage across the oceans to a big city or explore what is closer to home, you are already in the perfect spot. Spin a globe, pick out a place to go, and see what’s out there, Harrogate will be waiting for you when you get back.

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