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What Makes A Good Politician? How To Boost Your Career In Politics

18 October 2022

Politicians get a bad rap in society, and it is often due to people feeling frustrated about the lack of change. For many, the idea of pursuing a career in politics would be their nightmare, but other people want to get involved and make a real difference. Being a politician is no easy task; you are constantly faced with opposing opinions and negativity, so you need to have a strong sense of self to succeed in politics.

If you want to go into a career in politics, then you need to understand that it may take years until you reach a position of authority. People want a politician who has had years of experience as they want to know that you have taken the position seriously and that you are involved in politics for the greater good and not for your own personal gain. In this article, we will go over some top tips that could help boost your career in politics. So, if you are thinking of taking your career in a political direction, then keep on reading to find out more.

Understand The Value Of Open Communication

One of the most important skills you need to have as a politician is open communication. Communicating with other people is the main part of your job, so you must develop your communication skills so that you can talk to a whole range of people. The problem with most of our current politicians is that they lack understanding and awareness of anyone outside of their socio-economic group, so they fail to communicate efficiently with those different to them. If you want to be a successful and trusted politician, you must understand the importance of open communication and practice this open communication in every aspect of life. So many people do not trust politicians and it is often because they are not transparent with their communication. You can watch countless interviews of politicians who clearly refuse to answer the questions being asked, making them seem untrustworthy and secretive. This is not a path you should follow if you want to get into politics, so make sure that you have strong communication skills and that you practice open communication throughout your career.

Further Education

Another important thing you can do if you want to boost your career in politics is to get some further education. While having a general degree does not necessarily mean you will be a better politician, specifying in a particular area can give you a bit of a leg up. Having a niche and expertise in a certain area could be a huge boost to your career as people will trust that you know what you are talking about. A major part of being a politician is having your say and influence in public policy. Public policy plays a huge role in forming guidelines and general principles within society, and as a politician, it is your job to ensure that those public policies benefit society as a whole. If you wanted to boost your career in politics and better understand the importance of public policy, it could be beneficial to complete a public policy analysis course. The London School of Economics and Political Science offers a detailed online certificate course that aims to teach you how to analyse and evaluate public policy and give you the practical skills to develop your own public policies. An online certificate course like this would be invaluable to your political career, so it is something you should definitely consider.

Recognise Other Opinions

A major part of being a politician is communicating with those who have different opinions than you. In order for you to be a successful politician, you must be able to recognise other people’s opinions and have sensible conversations with them without getting into arguments. Debating is a key aspect of being a politician, but a debate needs to be civilised if you are going to get your point across. A good way to start learning and understanding other people’s opinions is to either read articles that have been written by those people or simply just have a conversation with them. It is important that not only do you recognise other people’s opinions but that you also understand their reasoning behind having those opinions. What often happens in politics is that two people can have opposing views, but their reasoning can come from a very similar place. As mentioned in the introduction, most people are frustrated with our current politicians because there is a clear lack of change or development in society. This frustration can lead two people in two different directions, even though they had the same frustration, to begin with. Acknowledging this can help you openly communicate with more people and understand them on a deeper level.

Work With Your Community

As an inspiring politician, you cannot expect that you will immediately find yourself in a parliamentary position. Getting into a position of that sort of power takes a lot of time and you must be willing to put in the work to get there. You should first start working with your local community so that you can begin to understand their needs and what they expect from the government. Each community is different, and it is a good idea for you to work with them closely to get some first-hand experience. People want a politician who listens to their needs and who will fight for them to get what they need to thrive. Beginning your political career within your local community will be extremely beneficial for you as it will get your name noticed and people will start to recognise you as a person who will fight for change. It is important to remember that being a politician is not a glamorous job and people who get into politics for money and fame are doing so for the wrong reasons. You will be respected far more if people can see that you truly care about them and that you are willing to continue to work hard to fight for those who do not have a voice.

Tailor Your CV

When it comes to boosting your political career, it is important that you are constantly updating your CV, so that it accurately reflects your experience so far. For an aspiring politician, you should also ensure that you are tailoring your CV each time you update it as you want it to represent your commitments and projects that you have been a part of. If you have spent lots of time working with your community, then include that within your CV, but make sure you are specific about it. Go into detail about the exact ways you have helped your community and what specific things you have done that have been successful. As well as a CV, it would be a good idea if you had a professional website where you could go into more detail about your experience and your political ideas. Having a social media presence is another important part of being a politician, so you also need to ensure that you have professional social media accounts so that people can contact you directly.


Becoming a successful politician can and should take a lot of time. Although it can be a difficult career to succeed in, if you are passionate about helping others and giving a voice to the voiceless, then you are already off to a good start. Hopefully this article has been beneficial, and you can use our tips to help boost your career in politics.

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