Add value to your home with a renovation

29 September 2022

If you’re thinking of cashing in on your home then now is the perfect time to do so. With house prices currently soaring, you’ll find the average UK house now sells for a whopping £292,000 according to data collected in July. That’s a £39,000 increase from the previous year which may see you pocket a nice bit of profit on your home.

Before you sell, however, make sure you’re doing all you can to increase the value of your home. One of the easiest ways to do that is to renovate your home. If this is your first time renovating, however, you may not be aware of the best rooms to do up to increase the value of your home.

To help, we’ve put together a guide on why you should renovate your home and the best ways to do that to increase the property’s overall value. Read on to find out more.

Why renovate your home?

Renovating your home means improving it which is only going to add value to it. Here’s why:

More Space

Renovations often mean you’re adding more space to your house. This could be by converting your loft into a room which will increase the amount of space the home has. The more space a house has, the higher its value

More modern

If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom then you’ll be making it look a lot sleeker and modern which will appeal to buyers. This is because it means the new owners won’t have to renovate the house themselves to get it looking stylish.

What are the best rooms to renovate to add value?

These projects can cost a lot of money and take up to 6 months in some cases to complete, so knowing where your money and time are best placed is vital. That’s why you should consider renovating the following:


Bathrooms can be easily transformed on a low budget with a quick turnaround which makes them a great option to renovate. To make them look the most appealing to new buyers, we recommend introducing a rain shower and underfloor heating.


With so much time being spent in this room, ensuring it looks its best is vital when selling a home. Consider updating cabinet doors, putting in new appliances and adding new worktops too.

Can I do these projects myself

Although we recommend hiring a professional to complete these tasks, you can try and complete them yourself. This will help to bring down some of the costs which could make the renovation more profitable in the end. If you do choose to do this make sure you’re using quality tools such as drill bits that you can rely on. This will ensure the project looks its best when you’re finished.

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