Why Garages Need to Retrain Their Workers Before 2030

24 September 2022

The auto industry is currently going through a transformation, and this is creating problems in the repair and maintenance sector with staff having to rapidly retrain. This is as a result of the electric car revolution with garage workers having to learn how to maintain and repair electric cars as more and more motorists make the switch.

The 2030 ICE Car Ban
One of the primary reasons why so many people are switching now is with the upcoming 2030 ban on the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles. The government is implementing a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles in 2030 in a bid to meet ambitious net-zero targets. This means that petrol and diesel cars are slowly being phased out and replaced by electric cars, which work in a completely different way from traditional vehicles.

The Impact of Electric Vehicles
Electric cars are rising in popularity ahead of the 2030 ban and there are numerous benefits for motorists making the switch. Additionally, maintenance and repair costs are generally cheaper as there are fewer moving parts and less that could go wrong. While this is a positive for those in this industry, it still means that workers are having to retrain to keep up with trends and avoid losing customers to the competition. In addition to this, it is recommended that electric cars are serviced less often than traditional vehicles and this means that there is less work available for those in this industry. Garage workers need to learn how to provide a full car service, which will include the following:

  • Electric motor
  • Battery
  • Oil and coolant
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Suspension

How Auto Repair Businesses Will Need to Adjust
All auto repair businesses will need to adjust to the electric car revolution for continued success. Sales will only get stronger in the run-up to the 2030 ban, so now is the time to start training staff if you have not already. Businesses may also have to look to extra services to make up for less demand for servicing, so services like roadside recovery (electric vehicles cannot be towed) and MOT testing. Businesses also need to make it known that they offer electric car repairs and servicing as not all businesses currently offer this, so now could be a good time to build up a reputation ahead of the 2030 ban.

It is an interesting time in the auto industry right now with electric car sales rising and many motorists making the switch ahead of the 2030 ban. While electric cars can benefit the environment and help motorists to save money, it is creating a challenge in the auto maintenance and repair sector with staff having to rapidly retrain so that they can work on electric car sales and remain in business.

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