The Most Beautiful Places In Yorkshire You Should Visit

26 August 2022

If you’re heading up North, you’re in for a treat if you stop by Yorkshire. It’s undoubtedly one of the best areas in the UK to visit because it’s so full of charm, natural beauty and character. Add to that the history of the place, and you’re really in business, be it for a day out or even a staycation.

Our list begins with Harrogate, and for good reason. What Harrogate has is a little bit of everything, so it manages to show off many of Yorkshire’s best qualities. It’s not the biggest place, but for culture and history, it packs a punch. When visiting Harrogate, you’re going to find some historical sites to visit, such as the Royal Pump Room Museum, but then there are pristine parks, theatres and the like too. There’s also an excellent luxury health spa in a restored Grade II building to while away the stresses and strains before enjoying afternoon tea at Betty’s.

Many will describe York as the jewel in the crown where Yorkshire is concerned, and they could well be right. Again, what you get is that authentic Yorkshire experience, rather than a place trying to be something it’s not. York has become perfect for a night out, but it’s also steeped in tons of history, with its Roman and Viking roots what it is ultimately famed for.
There are loads of options when it comes to enjoying some of the best horse racing with York and Wetherby racecourses. And if you enjoy the atmosphere there, you may fancy the posh Victoria Gate casino which is only a short drive in Leeds. Alternatively, there are several licensed online casinos if you fancy a quiet night in. Anyways, it’s certainly a city with something for everyone, even when it rains, which is the norm up North!

When it comes to seaside towns, you have plenty of options in the North of England, but none tick the boxes like Whitby. When you read lists of the best seaside resorts in the UK, you’ll always see Whitby included, and the primary reason is that it not only has beautiful coastal scenery on show but there’s traditional seaside fun on offer too. And Whitby has also become the home of goths because when Bram Stoker wrote Dracula, he suggested Whitby Abbey was his inspiration.

We’re going to finish our list with Scarborough because it continues to hold its own as a seaside resort not only in the North but the whole of England. Again, what many people are looking for from a coastal town in the UK is tradition, and in Scarborough, it’s provided in buckets. Famed for its fish and chips, there is still a Victorian feel to the place, but with modern tweaks here and there. Scarborough is one of those places everyone in the North will have visited multiple times, and that’s not about to change any time soon.
There are so many beautiful places to visit in Yorkshire; the list of the ones to check out could be going on page after page. So, the best thing to do is to visit and see what you think. Because there are some jewels in the UK crown in the North, and many of them are in Yorkshire, where there’s so much to see and do.

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