Julie Fawcett
Julie Fawcett

Harrogate author’s new book shows how to win at Life by being nice

23 May 2022

One of the founding directors of the UK’s first internet bank egg.com has launched a new book packed full of life hacks for achieving success by being nice.

Julie Fawcett, who lives in Harrogate, wrote How to Ninja Nicely as an antidote to a culture that encourages people to push others aside to clear their own path. Instead, she shares practical and effective techniques that demonstrate how taking a softer approach brings better results.

Julie Fawcett said:

This is victory for nice people,”says Julie. “It’s a lesson in how to win by being ethical and approachable.

The techniques reinvent tried and trusted leadership coaching techniques to create a rapid interval training regime for anyone who finds themselves in a position of responsibility, in work or in life.

How to Ninja Nicely is a short jargon-free book that brings effective people skills within the reach of everyone, even if they have never worked in a corporate environment. The simple, condensed presentation makes this book ideal for commuters and those who are short of time.

Packed full of fast and easy development techniques, How to Ninja Nicely unleashes methods that have been used for decades to transform the fortunes of high-flying individuals and FTSE100 organisations, making them accessible to all.

Julie is a Coaching Psychologist who has made it her mission to achieve success by engaging those around her and inspiring them to believe in her ideas. She has held board positions in various city institutions including FTSE Group and firmly believes that effective coaching can help people to be the best versions of themselves.

How to Ninja Nicely
How to Ninja Nicely

The bite-size techniques in her book each target a specific challenge. Drawing on Julie’s real-life experiences, How to Ninja Nicely puts realising full potential within everyone’s reach. The book shares the secrets of top flight development programmes and presents them in a format that anyone can pick up and use themselves, whenever they need to deal with a tricky situation.

Julie said:

It puts you back in control when life feels as if it is going off track without the need for confrontation or nastiness.

The techniques have all been fully tested in the real world and have proved to be enormously powerful.

Whether you use How to Ninja Nicely to fix issues as they crop up, or as a programme for improvement, you will ultimately tackle every aspect of personal development and transform the way you interact with those around you.

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