6 Ways to Stay Safe from Covid-19 When Going Back to Class

23 January 2022

Nowadays, all people are experiencing tough times due to Covid-19. It’s not a secret how terrible the consequences of pandemics are. According to statistics, 5,546,475 people have died so far from the Covid-19 outbreak as of January 15, 2022. Numbers are terrifying, and it’s really difficult to keep the internal balance and harmony during this period. It is especially tough for people who have just started their new path.

Student life is believed to be the best part of your entire being with its own ups and downs. It’s the time when you become independent, mature, and gain life experience. That’s why you can’t ignore any chances the future has prepared for you and seize all the opportunities which arise on your way.

Sometimes you might feel discouraged and lost, especially now considering the time we live in and under what conditions. In particular, it’s now becoming harder and harder to focus on your studies because of the amount of homework each student has. Writing hundreds of essays is still a nightmare, especially for people who are not that creative or those extremely anxious and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there is hope. With the prompt assistance of qualified paper writers at WritePaper service, you can finally relax. They will accomplish all the work you need to do, so you get a chance to chill out. In addition, you will now have spare time to finally do all the things you had to put off. When the endless homework is done, you can rewatch your movie or take up a new hobby.

The Easing of the Restrictions

Nevertheless, time passes, and covid restrictions are becoming less harsh. After being locked at home within 4 walls, we can finally be a little free and take the first deep breath of fresh air. We all know how it was hard not to go crazy with very little social interaction and without being able to have fun friends. Hopefully, now you can come back to classes and enjoy spending time around your soulmates.

There are some tips you should follow in order to stay safe from Covid-19 and still keep in touch with other people.

Wearing Masks

Educational institutions around the world are requiring students and faculty to wear masks. Some believe that they can protect you; some don’t. You should take at least 2 masks with you if one gets dirty or wet. So now, let’s dispel all the doubts and talk about what masks are better and how they can protect us.

How Do They Work

When we talk, little particles come out from both the nose and mouth. They are the natural environment for the virus itself. What the mask does is catch them and offer protection for both yourself and the people around you.

What Kind of Masks Is the Best

Every mask is great as it protects you. But it also should fit your face as you have to wear it for the whole day. The best mask is Kn 95 (especially if you are not vaccinated). But you can choose any mask you want. You can follow these tips on how to select a perfect one for you:

  • It should contain two or more layers of fabric, which is washable and breathable.

  • It must fully cover your nose and mouth.

  • It shouldn’t have any gaps and fit snugly against the sides of your face.

  • There has to be a nose wire on the top of the mask so that air will not leak out.

Physical Distancing

In-person learning is a really important part of students’ lives. That’s why both students and teachers should keep physical distance as much as possible. It must remain at least 3 feet apart within classrooms. But the most recommended distance is 6 feet apart (about 2 arms lengths). During a break, you should avoid overcrowded places like the canteen. Also, stay away from places that are poorly ventilated.

Screening Testing

It is designed to identify infected people. Such testing should be provided in schools that can’t create an optimal physical distance between students. To be effective, the screening program should test all the students and staff who have not been fully vaccinated at least once per week. In this case, screening will provide you with additional protection. It can detect infected people even if they have no symptoms, thus preventing further transmission.


One of the best ways to get rid of the virus particles in the air is ventilation. Everything you need to do is open classroom windows and let the fresh air come in. The outdoor flow will keep virus particles from concentrating inside. In case you need to travel by bus or train, you should also open windows for a few inches. It will improve the process of circulation.


Vaccination is one of the best and effective ways to prevent yourself from catching coronavirus. Being vaccinated will also protect you from some illness and death from COVID-19. Hopefully, thanks to the government’s efforts, vaccinations are completely free in the USA. And even if you’re not from the United States, there are still many other countries that offer free Covid-19 vaccines.

source: https://unsplash.com/photos/xp-ND7NjWaA

Personal Hygiene

In some ways, Covid-19 helped us become better versions of ourselves. Due to the pandemic, we realized the importance of hygiene. In order to protect themselves, students gained the habit of handwashing and respiratory etiquette. You only need to wash your hands after any physical contact using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t have any access to water, it’s highly recommended to carry a sanitizer.

Final Words

Remember to take care not only of yourself but also other people, as not obeying Covid rules will lead to terrible consequences. By following these tips, you can be calm and not be afraid to go outside or keep in touch with other people. Moreover, you will not let the pandemic rule your life and ruin your plans. Live life at its fullest and enjoy every present moment. Don’t forget to use student life to the max to get your degree and succeed.

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