A Beginners Guide to Vaping: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

1 September 2021

When picking up any new hobby, it is normal to expect a fair bit of trial and error; after all, it’s a learning process. The same is true for vaping, which is an incredibly popular hobby. There is so much to learn from experimenting with different devices, settings, e-liquids, et cetera. Everyone has different preferences, and it is simply about exploring your options and finding out what you like.

That being said, there are some things that you can do to explore the hobby without breaking the bank. These explorations can also help you to keep track of the emerging trends and developments within the industry. However, there are some mistakes that you should avoid during your initial foray into vaping.

Choosing the Wrong Device

This is the first and possibly most expensive mistake to avoid. There are a lot of different devices to choose from, and they range in difficulty from simple to complicated. Most beginners can comfortably manage with a vape that lies somewhere in the middle, although there will still be a learning curve. However, if you want to start off with a more simple device whilst deciding how much commitment you want to make, then basic vapes are a good option as they are usually quite cheap and do not require any special maintenance. And, even though most beginner devices are simple, they still house a lot of the same functions, which means that you get a representative vaping experience without having to worry about controlling them.

There are so many different options of vapes that are all geared towards different needs. Starter vapes, as mentioned above, are simple and effective. Most of them are operated by a single button, although some are simply fired up by an inhale without the need for a button. They can also still carry high nicotine doses. They usually come pre-filled, and you simply need to be new pods to switch out when you run out of juice. The coils are built into the devices, which means that priming is not an issue. These vapes also tend to be smaller and more discreet, they do not produce dense clouds, and they charge fairly quickly.

If you want to skip these starter vapes, then there are many other options out there. Tube mods are thicker and more powerful than the beginner options, and in most cases, they are sub-ohm capable. This means that they produce less resistance than other devices, and so they allow more power to reach the coil, which in turn leads to bigger vapour clouds and a stronger flavour. However, it can mean that vaping discreetly is difficult. They also tend to use tanks which means that the user is tasked with refilling and cleaning the tank, and the coils also will need changing more frequently than a pod mod whose coil is built-in. The battery lasts longer, but this also often means that the charging time is increased; some batteries can take up to four hours to charge fully. Nicotine content can also be limited as the sub-ohm capabilities mean that it can burn the nicotine content at a higher temperature making it harsher on the throat. In short, these mods are great, but if you are using a vape to transition from smoking, then this option probably isn’t for you if you would class yourself as a heavy smoker.

Lastly, there are box mods; these constitute some of the most advanced devices. Within this classification, there are several subcategories, including conventional box mods, squonk mods and drip mods, to name but a few. These vapes offer a higher level of complexity and control, which makes them better suited to an advanced vaper or a beginner who is willing to learn about their needs.

Advancing Too Quickly

Some people do dive into the deep end, and they buy the latest and most complicated models right off the bat without bothering to acquire any knowledge of how they work or how to care for them. But then again, some people go for the easiest option, and they find that it doesn’t suit their needs, and so they give up. If you are coming into this hobby without a background in cigarettes, then you need to do your research to be able to decide what mod will work the best for you. If you are a smoker who wants to use vape pens to quit, then the best place to start for you is with a device that best mimics the draw of a cigarette. This is usually an e-pen or e-cig, and then you can go from there. Some people do believe that it is better to start with the basics before moving up, and there are merits to this; however, it does really depend on the level of dedication you are willing to put in if you want a more advanced vape and you are willing to learn how to use it properly then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get it.

Going for the Cheapest Option

As with most products, you get what you pay for. There are some incredibly cheap kits out there, but you would be mistaken if you thought that these cheap kits are a good place to start. By and large, they are of a terrible quality, so they do not offer the best experience to vapers. These sets are often built with substandard pieces, and they are prone to leaks, poor battery life and other performance issues. However, higher prices do often translate to higher quality. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable vape retailer like Aqua Vape to avoid this issue. Vapes going bad can really affect your experience and your enjoyment of vaping. Aqua Vape has a huge range of vape kits, juices and accessories for you to choose from. They have everything you need to get started.

Starting with the Wrong Level of Nicotine

Most people opt to buy juices that have nicotine in them, or they buy the nicotine concentrated, and they mix it themselves. However, when you are first starting out, it is really easier to use the wrong levels. So when you begin your experimentation, try to start small and then you can work your way up as needed. Starting too high or having too much nicotine, in general, can leave you feeling sick and tired. It can also ruin your experience and put you off of vaping in the future.


A lot of people fall into this trap of overbuying their e-liquids or e-juices because they find a flavour that they like. Often this can lead to expired e-juices that you cannot use and a lot of wasted money. Your tastes may also change over time, and you may not like the same flavours you did in the past, or you may find a flavour that you prefer. Try to only buy when you need to.

In Conclusion

It is normal for you to make a few mistakes as you explore the hobby; after all, it is a learning curve; however, knowing the most common pitfalls can help you to navigate them. Vaping is a hobby, and hobbies are meant to be fun, although it is not uncommon for them to veer into tedious and costly territory. However, now that you know the pitfalls, you can carry out your own research and better equip yourself.

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