Advance warning system to be installed to tackle Sutton Bank queues

11 March 2021

A pioneering traffic detection system is to be installed in Thirsk to warn of traffic problems at Sutton Bank.

The queue detection system will advise road users to avoid the route when necessary and allows highways officers to react to closures and disruption on Sutton Bank quickly.

Live updates will be displayed on two interactive signs on Long Street in Thirsk and on the A168/A19 roundabout on York Road.

The scheme was partly funded by local North Yorkshire County Council member Councillor Gareth Dadd from his locality budget.

Councillor Gareth Dadd said:

I’m delighted to spend part of my budget on introducing this queue detection system which will be a huge benefit for those using Sutton Bank. The system along the route will pick up a change in traffic behaviour and automatically display it on the message boards.

We usually rely on the public notifying us of problems and by the time we can manually deploy signage it has resulted in large queues. The new system will prevent this from happening and having the signs installed at both ends of Thirsk allows plenty of time to choose an alternative route. I look forward to seeing them in operation next month.

Work to install the signs will be carried out on Tuesday, 16 March under manual stop/go signs between 9.30am and 1pm. Specialist engineers will make the system live from 26 April.

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