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Mobile gaming to do even better in 2021

5 February 2021

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Gamers have it good in 2021. In fact, gaming has never been in such a healthy position, with an array of consoles to choose from these days alongside handheld devices such as smartphones. Gaming is now a big part of everyday culture in today’s modern world. It’s only going to go from strength to strength, too.

One aspect of gaming which has really kicked on in recent times is mobile gaming. We all have access to a smartphone in the modern world, therefore opening up an array of gaming possibilities in the process. This is all comes despite the release of a sophisticated console such as a PlayStation 5, with smartphone gaming offering something different to a console gaming experience. It looks like mobile gaming is here to stay, ultimately.

For some gamers, this is hard to understand. What is the appeal of gaming on a mobile phone? Surely a more sophisticated, graphically advanced console is a better and more attractive option? Here are a few reasons as to why that isn’t the case.


Mobile phone games can be enjoyed throughout the day as they’re designed to be picked up and put down whenever it suits you. We all have access to smartphones today, opening up gaming to a whole new audience in the process. Games are generally fairly easy to grasp, although some more challenging games appeal too, like brain teasers, creations like Fortnite, and the rules and RTP of Ted slots at casino.com in the UK.

Generally, though, mobile gaming requires far less of a commitment than a console gaming session would. Console gaming offers the sophisticated graphics and detailed games that mobile gaming simple can’t match at the moment. Still, it also requires far more dedication than the average mobile game also. For the average gamer, that doesn’t always appeal. The more casual gamers – which the emergence of mobile gaming has helped attract – don’t see the appeal or even have the time to sit down and play a detailed console release for hours on end. Mobile games are fun, easy to play, and there’s a creation out there for virtually everyone.



Console-quality titles

Most games developers are taking the time to release the mobile versions of their games simultaneously with the PC and console versions, highlighting once again the inroads mobile games have made on the overall gaming landscape. There are additional gaming accessories which help improve the overall experience of gaming on a phone too, with joysticks registering huge success over recent years, alongside the popular option of wearing an immersive VR headset. Numerous console games have certainly made the transition over to mobile with ease, although that’s not to say that it works for every game. Some games simply aren’t and never will be suitable for mobile, whereas others have the potential to be a smash hit, as we’ve seen already with the likes of PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and FIFA 21. In the future, should our smartphones keep advancing at such a rapid rate, we’ll undoubtedly see even better games too.



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Cheap and free games

Gaming on mobile is much cheaper than any console gaming experience can offer. The actual consoles are far from affordable for the average person, the games aren’t cheap either, and console gamers can’t try a variety of releases without breaking the bank. Mobile games, on the other hand, are usually cheap or free, and gamers can test out a variety of creations within a matter of minutes. It takes seconds to download a game, play it and then decide whether or not it is for you, all without spending anything.

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