English bulldog’s increased Popularity as Pet Dogs – Know the Pros and Cons before getting one

2 December 2020

The English bulldog has conquered the hearts of more millions with their sweet and gentle disposition. Also known as the family dog breed, the popularity of English bulldog stud dogs is only increasing with each passing day. Rest assured, owning this family dog can be great fun. These cute family pets are easily recognizable with their medium-sized wrinkly appearance. They tend to drool quite frequently and have a short coat.

Like any other breed of pet dogs, the English bulldog has its own set of pros and cons for owning it. The advantages can include low maintenance needs, whereas the disadvantages can consist of more health issues. If you are thinking about getting this family dog breed as a pet, read on to learn about them in detail before deciding.

Pros of owning an English bulldog as a Pet

1) Low Grooming Needs

The English bulldog’s grooming requirements are not high since they have a short coat known for low shedding. Their wrinkly skin needs to be taken care of, though. You don’t need to bathe them as much as other pet dogs. However, it is recommended to brush them regularly. This will prevent their hair from getting scattered all over the house.


2) Friendly Temperament

English bulldogs are popular for their sweet and friendly disposition. Oftentimes, they can come off as lazy since they are not aggressive. These good-natured pet-dogs are loyal and love their family, especially the kids. Their calm personality is quite reassuring to be with. These pet dogs are very affectionate, even to the extended family members and other visiting pet dogs. That said, you won’t have to worry about the safety of other pets and kids. Despite their friendliness, the English bulldog is still a protective breed. Also, they might not bark much, but they are territorial. Therefore, if they sense doubt about strangers, they will bark at them. Without a doubt, English bulldogs are awesome guard dogs.

English bulldogs are not noisy. You can expect them to growl. However, they will bark at strangers if they feel threatened.


3) Less Space Required

If your house isn’t that big, you can still keep an English bulldog. The reason is that these pet dogs don’t require much space as they have a calm disposition. They are not as active as other dogs and need a small area that suits their medium size. Bulldogs are less sporty and hence can live in a small apartment easily. Also, English bulldogs prefer staying indoors. Don’t get us wrong! The English bulldogs love to play. However, their exercise needs are lower as compared to other pet dogs.


Cons of owning an English bulldog as a Pet


1) Frequent Health Issues

English bulldogs are prone to develop more health issues than other pet dogs. Their health issues include heart problems, respiratory issues, and eye and skin problems. You will have to take extra care of them in the summers, as they can get a heat stroke easily.


2) Skin Problem

We had mentioned earlier that the grooming needs of the English bulldog are lower than other dogs. However, they are prone to develop a skin infection if their skin isn’t taken care of. Their facial and other wrinkles need to be thoroughly cleaned regularly. This is the only way to avoid skinfold dermatitis, which is pretty common in this dog breed. The English bulldog is prone to develop skin infections more during summers. Therefore, you will need to take extra care cleaning those facial wrinkles and tail areas.


3) Chewing Habit

The habit of chewing is quite common in this breed of pet dogs. Many bulldog puppies do so when they are teething. However, if they are not stopped, this habit can become normal to them. Subsequently, they will chew on whatever they can find, the sofa, carpet, shoes, slippers, and furniture whenever they get bored.

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