8 Reasons Why Your SME Should Outsource IT

14 October 2020

Today, technology is the main force driving change in business. Technologies are constantly evolving and adapting to completely transform the way that companies function in more ways than any other industry. Businesses that want to get an edge over their companies find themselves in a race to evolve and adapt to new technologies before the technology itself is replaced and becomes irrelevant. And for modern businesses, being unable to keep up with the latest technologies can cause serious problems. The last thing that you want is for your business to be left behind in the race to keep up with the latest technology. In most cases, it is difficult for a company to ensure that this is prevented without employing viable IT support.

Small-to-medium business owners should consider outsourcing IT services to a professional company who can ensure that the organisation stays on top of the game when it comes to the latest tech. Here are just some of the main benefits of outsourcing IT.

Reduce Labour Costs

Training and maintaining a large in-house IT department can be seriously expensive. But on the other hand, hiring temporary IT employees is not always a good alternative, given the limited financial investment and short commitment. On the other hand, outsourcing your IT needs to a company that is wholly dedicated to providing IT support services, like this IT support company in London, Totality Services, will enable to you get access to highly-skilled and experienced professionals at a much lower price. Totality Services provides IT support in London and is one of the most reputable IT companies in London to choose from. Their team of experts provide round-the-clock service for London IT support for your business in the capital and are a Microsoft partner with a range of industry certifications.

Reduce IT Costs

Along with allowing you to keep labour costs low, outsourcing to an IT company can also help you to keep your IT costs to a minimum. It can be extremely expensive to install IT infrastructure with servers, networks, security, storage, and other components. However, outsourcing your IT means that you can transform fixed IT costs into variable costs instead, providing you with more room to adjust your budget accordingly. As a result, you will only pay for what you use, which can lead to a huge reduction in cost. And, you will also save on the cost of maintaining and servicing these systems since this will all be taken care of by the company that you outsource.

Reduce Anxiety

Struggling to deal with disaster management and recovery can cause a lot of anxiety for both yourself and your employees. But when these aspects of IT can be dealt with by competent professionals who you can rely on to get good results, everybody tends to be a lot less stressed out and anxious. When the internet goes down or a computer crashes and nobody is quite sure what to do to get things back to normal again, it can affect everybody’s state of mind. You might be worried about issues such as threatened security, lost productivity, and losing data. Outsourcing to a competent and skilled IT services provider means that there’s less need to worry about these things because your services are always running smoothly.

Provide an Uninterrupted Flow of Service

With technology growing more and more complex, the management of both hardware and software is presenting an increasing number of challenges. And businesses that exist in a saturated industry, particularly when it comes to marketing and sales, are required to have innovative hardware and software solutions to ensure that they can provide an uninterrupted flow of service to their customers and clients. Without this, reputations can easily be damaged and it could even lead to the failure of a company. Businesses need end-to-end networking plus a continuous, reliable flow of functionality for internet, intranet, and extranet, which can all be handled by a professional IT network service provider.

Expanded Resources

While a larger organisation may tend to have the resources needed to maintain cutting-edge, modern technologies and services by themselves, for most smaller businesses, this is generally way out of their budget. Having the resources available is a huge advantage for a business in many different ways, including better mobility, efficiency, productivity levels and the ability to reach out to and win over prospects. For small businesses that simply do not have the financial or personnel resources available to achieve this, outsourcing can help to close the gap between small companies and larger businesses, allowing the smaller businesses to enjoy expanded resources.

More Focus on Core Business

Every small business owner or manager will reach a point where they feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day to ensure that they tackle all the challenges that they face. And, trying to divide your time between focusing on core business functions and managing IT concerns can limit your business’s potential for growth even further. Outsourcing IT to a professional, dedicated company allows both you and your employees to remain focused on what you are best skilled at, have been trained for, and are paid to do at work.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Data protection is hugely important today and even a small data breach could spell trouble for your company. It can often seem like security breaches and data theft is in the news on an almost weekly basis and contrary to popular belief, it’s not only the big businesses with more data to steal that get hit. In fact, small businesses are quickly becoming a more favourable target for cybercriminals and hackers simply because they do not usually have the same types of security resources as the big names and therefore tend to be a much easier target to go for. Outsourcing to an IT company ensures that your company is in safe hands when it comes to data protection law and regulation compliance and that the resources are available to protect your employee and customer data from anybody looking to steal it.

Reduce Risk

There’s no denying that every single business investment will carry with it some level of risk. Ever-increasing and evolving government regulations, economic conditions, new competitors and emerging technologies ensure that regardless of the type of business you want to start or are currently running, there are always going to be some risks to get to grips with and ensure that you are prepared for.

Outsourcing your IT means that the company providing IT system support to your business will assume a large amount of this risk. And since professional IT companies are usually far more knowledgeable about the industry when it comes to security and compliance issues, they tend to be much better at ascertaining and avoiding a range of different risks on behalf of your business, providing small to medium business owners with a greater peace of mind.

These are just some of the main reasons why outsourcing IT for your small business is always a wise decision and a worthwhile investment. Along with the ability to save money, ensure compliance, protect customer data and keep your systems running smoothly, outsourcing to an IT services provider allows small business owners to take the focus off IT and onto expanding their company further.

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