5 Benefits of Acquiring PMI PMP Certification for Career Development

Obtaining the PMP certification from PM Institute comes with numerous opportunities in the field of project management. Regardless of the industry you’re aiming for, this badge adds value to your career as you develop your knowledge and skills to deliver excellence and thus become more recognized for employers. From this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits it can bring you and a sure approach to get ready for its related assessment.

5 Reasons You Should Know to Make a Decision

Author: Isaac G says, PMI PMP is considered a difficult credential to earn. So, is it worth the efforts? Let’s find the answer by looking at the following perks you’ll receive along with your accreditation.

  1. Advanced Qualifications

Author: Samantha H says, The PMP certification prepares you to handle more responsibilities and know how to lead every project to success. It shapes you to perform well even in high-stress working environments. Thereby, you’ll be able to prove that you are a confident, dedicated, and hardworking individual. As a result of this, the badge adds more credibility to your resume since employers readily trust PMP accredited managers.

  1. Provides More Opportunities

Author: Zoe J says, PM Institute works hand in hand with reputed training organizations to provide an up-to-date curriculum. Hence, it requires adequate experience and qualifications to get enrolled in the PMP exam and further continuous education. Considering a challenging certification path, the badge ensures that you are aware of the latest methodologies and techniques used in the project management field. With such validation, you’ll have lots of significant prospects!

  1. Contributes to Higher Pay

Author: Ryan I says, PMP qualified professionals tend to have an increased pay compared to many others. This fact is affirmed as the Project Management Salary Survey states that individuals with the PMP credential have an annual median salary advantage up to 58% over non-PMP-certified persons.

  1. Enhanced Skills in Project Management

Author: Luke K says, The PMP test requires you to be thorough with the project management cycle. It assesses your knowledge of fundamental and advanced concepts as well as skills in tackling different tasks. It verifies both your proficiency in all the stages of handling projects, from initiating to closing, and soft skills such as leadership, team management, problem-solving, and resource management.

  1. Global Recognition Across Various Industries

The PMP badge is accepted and recognized across various fields. With it, you can work for any sector of your preference. Companies worldwide prefer PMP certified project managers as they benefit from the capability to reference the ISO 17024. Not only this, but these professionals can also add value to the organization in an effective and efficient project, team, and resource administration.

How to Obtain the PMP Certification?

Although it is quite hard to achieve your PMP, Author: Leah L with hard work and adequate preparation, you can attain it. All you have to do is:

  • Explore the prerequisites and gather necessary project experience and education qualifications to apply
  • Prepare thoroughly using different study materials like guides, training, and practice tests
  • Remember that you need to answer at least 106 questions right out of 200 to gain the passing score
  • Maintain your certification valid accumulating 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) every three years


The PMP accreditation is a highly sought project management achievement. PM Institute works towards providing the best and relevant badges, so opting for PMP is an investment worth the efforts. It opens doors for higher positions and pays, and ensures your smooth career development!

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