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How to make the most of a staycation

14 August 2020

Staycations are most definitely en vogue at the moment, although if you are more familiar with holidaying overseas, you might be surprised by some of the differences that come with taking domestic trips with your partner or the whole family.

To make sure that your staycation is fun for everyone involved, here are a few tips on how to maximise enjoyment levels and minimise stress.

Take entertainment with you

The main problem with holidaying in the UK is that the weather can be incredibly inconsistent; bright sunshine one minute, torrential rain and howling winds the next. This means that even if you hope to spend a lot of time outdoors, this is not always a guaranteed option, so being able to keep yourself occupied while you are hunkered down during showers and storms is a must.

Of course with a modern smartphone or tablet to hand, you have everything you need to stave off the staycation blues; you just need to make sure that you install the right apps and games before you travel to avoid problems with sluggish Wi-Fi or mobile data caps. Whether you want to play some of your favorite video games, or kick back with an online casino, a carefully curated collection of mobile software will see you through until the sun re-emerges.

Book excursions in advance

There is nothing worse than heading out for the day on your UK holiday only to find that the sight you want to visit or the event you are hoping to attend is either sold out or is hampered by major queues.

The answer is to plan well in advance, book tickets online wherever possible and ideally pay extra for queue-jumping passes if they are available. This might require more time, effort and expense upfront, but you will be glad you took this route rather than leaving it until the day itself when you are able to breeze past people who have not been as forward thinking and are having to huddle together in vast groups trying to get to the ticket office in the blazing heat.

Camping is still on the cards

One way to make a staycation feel more like a genuine trip to another place even if you are staying at home overnight is to get your camping gear out of the garage, shed or attic and set it up in your own garden, if you have the space. This is clearly something that will appeal to people with younger children, but it can also be a blast for couples or even groups of friends who are eager to disrupt their daily routine and do something a bit different.

If you want to go the more hardcore route, you could even set yourself rules for your home camping excursion, such as only being able to eat food that you prepare outdoors. This is a great excuse to use camping stoves or have a BBQ; just remember to stay safe when lighting fires near tents on your property.

Completing projects is satisfying

A staycation does not just need to be all about sedentary living and chilling out; it can even be the perfect opportunity to pick up projects that you have put to one side for months or years on end, or to start a new endeavour and aim to complete it before the end of your break.

Whether you have a little bit of DIY to do that has been nagging at the back of your brain for months, or you decide to embark upon a crafting odyssey, the feeling of actually getting something done can be incredibly rewarding.

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