Invigorating your property

28 November 2019

Whether you are looking to sell your property in the near future or want to create a beautiful living space for your family for the here and now, taking the time to address a few issues and adding a new lease of life to fixtures and fittings both inside and out can maximise its potential. Here’s how you can update and modernise without a huge investment.

Outdoor TLC

The interior of a property is where you spend most of your time but the exterior also needs some tender loving care to prevent it looking a little run down. A few quick changes can bring life back to outdoor spaces. You should aim cut the grass regularly and pull any weeds from the garden. Sweeping the driveway and getting a window cleaner in can also add a much-needed sparkle.

Interior refresh

When you have finished sprucing up the exterior you can move indoors and give living spaces a refresh. You don’t need a large budget for this so rather than looking at new carpets or paints, aim for clean, tidy and stain-free floors and walls. Touch up areas that have marks or scuffs and run a hot sponge over anything needing a clean.

If you are struggling to cover up a run down carpet, try layering in colourful, decorated rugs for a stylish and bold finish. Decluttering is also a good idea so get rid of anything that brings the whole aesthetic down such as a dilapidated piece of furniture.

Or you can call a professional like a carpet fitter in Worthing that will do an excellent job for you.

Focus on lighting

Lighting is central to reinvigoration. Dark and dingy living spaces are very unlikely to have any positive energy or feel welcoming to you and any guests. If you are improving your property during the winter, add some table lamps and downlighters for a warmer, cosier look and feel. During the summer, install some uplighting to complement natural light and to show off ceiling features or other stylish fixtures and fittings.

Sight and smell

Sight may be the most important sense when designing a property, but smell is frequently the most overlooked. It is hard for a home to have that special quality if rooms smell of leftover food or pets. Bad smells can bring the whole aesthetic down. Fortunately there is an easy remedy. Sprinkling a few scented diffusers throughout the home will keep everything smelling fresh, while living spaces can be easily aired by regularly opening windows.

Colour code bookshelves

A book can act as a furnishing on its own as each has a unique cover, colour and style. This is why bookshelves can invigorate your living spaces. Rather than placing tomes randomly, rearrange them so the colour of each spine matches and creates clusters of yellows, reds, blues and greens across the room which can complement more neutral coloured sofas, carpets and wallpaper.

Install window shutters

Window shutters cost a small amount compared to other home design options and they can reinvigorate rooms in many different ways while also adding value to the property. Shutters effectively control the natural light that shines into a room. Slats, for example, would allow you to bathe a room in light during winter and darken a room in summer just by opening and closing them. This flexibility is great for creating ideal spaces year-round.

There are several window shutter styles available including tier on tier, cafe style, full height and full solid raised. All of these options will allow you to create a bespoke look for your rooms while aiding privacy. Fitting your own shutters is recommended if you want to reinvigorate on a smaller budget.

Don’t forget the kitchen

The living room is often the highlight of a beautiful home but the kitchen is a hive of activity, especially for families. If a whole redesign and refit are out of the question, you can still add new life to an ageing kitchen by painting cupboard doors and installing a microwave and other utilities with a modern style.

The worktop in the kitchen should also be given special attention as it can change the whole feel. Materials such as granite can be expensive so why not opt for laminated chipboard to add a more authentic and clean feel and finish. You could also paint wood stained doors with new colours and replace worn floor tiles with modern laminate wood which will be easier to clean.

Finally, dust off the toolbox and fix issues even if it’s just tightening a few screws. Just following the advice here can add new a life to home and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.


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