Harrogate police

Series of house burglaries in Harrogate

27 November 2019

Police are warning residents in the Harrogate area to be on their guard following a recent series of house burglaries.

Between Saturday 23 November and Tuesday 26 November, six properties in Arthur’s Avenue, Westbourne Avenue, Roseville Drive, Rossett Park Road, Kirklington and Masham were broken into by forcing windows open. Cash and small items such as jewellery were stolen.

The burglaries took place during the day and early evening. If you were in any of these areas on the days in question and saw anything suspicious, please call 101 and report it using the relevant incident number.

Inspector Penny Taylor said:

Unfortunately, we see all too often the distressing impact being burgled can have on its victims. But with some forethought into the kind of things burglars look for when breaking into a house, you can help to prevent your home from becoming a target.

As well as having good security measures in place, leaving lights on and other ways of making it look like someone is at home can help to deter burglars.

Details of each incident are as follows:

  • Arthurs Ave, Harrogate, Saturday 23 November between 7am and 6.25pm – Incident number 12190215623.
  • The Green, Kirklington, Sunday 24 November between 10.45am and 9.45pm – Incident number 12190216307.
  • The Oaks, Masham, Sunday 24 November between 2.45pm and 7.20pm – Incident number 12190216262.
  • Rossett Park Road, Harrogate, Sunday 24 November between 11am and 10.15pm – Incident number 12190216316.
  • Roseville Drive, Harrogate, Tuesday 26 November between 3am and 2pm – Incident number 12190217257.
  • Westbourne Avenue, Harrogate, Tuesday 26 November between 4.15pm and 7.15pm – Incident number 12190217381.

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