Poll: How will you vote in the General Election ?

30 October 2019

How will you vote in the December 2019 General Election ?

Please only complete the poll if you are eligible to vote for the Harrogate and Knaresborough seat.

If you are voting for a Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, how will you vote ?

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  1. Just bored and fed up with the whole thing. A second General Election and 3 years on Brexit still isn’t done. It is not going to make a difference. The process will be scuppered whoever gets in.
    Surely a Company or Business would be shut down if it behaved in this way.

  2. The only party that is offering Brexit is the Brexit Party. May’s dressed-up deal that Boris proposes is clearly an establishment stitch-up, a series of ridiculous compromises that will lock us into this nightmare for at least 3 years and we all know how that escalates into at least twice that period, whilst we pay vast fortunes to be a vassal state. If we lost a war, we would get a better deal than this. Why is it that no party is publishing the honest detail so that we have an informed choice. Farage at least is beginning to explain this detail. We all need to be aware of the 45 year old con that is the EU, as so clearly illustrated by Jean Monet’s letter to a friend from 30th April 1952 – he was a founding father of the EU – his letter shows us the insidious dishonesty that the EU is all about. “ Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening.This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation” If we don’t leave without a deal, or on a Canada style trade agreement, then we will be shackled forever to this undemocratic dodgy federalist racket. They will never come to the table sensibly until we do. It is so timely that as we remember those who fought for our freedom, that we are sleep-walking once more into a straight-jacket that our forbears will turn in their graves over! Please vote Brexit Party as they are the only option for Brexit and freedom. Blue, Red and Yellow parties are all establishment undemocratic Remoaners who have and will sell us all down the river.

  3. It has to be the Brexit Party. None of the other parties will take us out of the EU and fulfil the referendum result, they all want to remain in, in one way or other. Boris`s latest deal is worse than Theresa Mays deal, it is the thin end of the wedge to loose Northern Ireland.
    If such a treaty, “Peace Treaty” were to be signed. then the EU would immediately say to the UK, go and sit on the “Naughty Step.” and from now on and be quiet , say nothing, do nothing, you don`t need to see anything because it won`t do you any good, because you won`t have a say in it, and you will take all your orders from us now, that`s “the EU.” The EU will control everything. Our fisheries, the UK will be allowed to fish, but our quota will probably be less than 20% the rest will be the EUs. We will have to pay through the nose from then on in one way or another, and we won`t have a say as to how much. We won`t have a veto. This will cost the country Billions.
    If we have to stay in!! then it has to be a Canada +++ deal, not a treaty.
    Please give it some thought, when it`s done it`s done.
    I don`t know if there will be an article 50 to use to escape with in the future when it turns sour.

  4. Brexit or Conservatives. It depends who is likely to get some measure of freedom from the EU.

  5. Brexit Party for me .Boris’s deal is awful and will tie us to Europe for ever ,liberal Democrats are not democratic ,they screamed for a referendum I 2016 and now want to do away with Brexit how can you vote for liars and hypocrites’ and Corbyn is a nutter so let the Brexit party get us out of Europe .Ken Richardson

  6. Politicians have allowed themselves into a political class unrepresentative of the people , history I fear will not judge them well.

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