Parking permit charges to increase

3 April 2018

The first rise in ten years in charges for residents’ parking permits will help North Yorkshire County Council to fund investigation of new requests for residents’ parking schemes.

The new charges, which remain among the lowest in the country, will come into effect from 9 April.

There has been a freeze on new County Council-funded residents’ parking zones since 2013, because of limitations on funding and resources. During this time, the County Council has received further requests for new schemes and requests to amend existing zones.

A recent review of the charging structure identified a shortfall in the administration costs of around £123,000 a year. Increasing permit fees will not only help to cover these administration costs, but will raise a modest surplus to allow the County Council to investigate outstanding and new requests and, where it is justified, amend existing schemes and introduce new zones.

Permit parking schemes operate in four of the seven districts in North Yorkshire – Richmondshire, Hambleton, Scarborough and Harrogate – and the review also enabled the County Council to rationalise charges to provide a more consistent charging structure throughout the county. As a result, the scale of increases varies slightly from area to area, but from 9 April a residents’ parking permit will cost £30 a year. Full details will be online at from 9 April.

County Councillor Cllr Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Highways, said: “The County Council strives to provide residents and other road users with the best parking management system available. Though the permit costs have increased to enable us to do so, they still remain among the lowest in the country.

“Our parking permit schemes give some priority parking to residents in areas that are subject to the highest demand to give local people the best opportunity to have the convenience of parking near their homes and, in certain cases, make it easier for them to drive into and out of their driveways.”



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  1. I have a parking permit P3 which means I cannot park outside my residence only in front of the hotel de vin or right hand side of the road from Victoria avenue to james street how can this be justified even though my wife is in a wheelchair and we cannot get a disabled parking disc

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