The Story of Christmas a spectacular success


Last Saturday the Story of Christmas was performed in Ripon Cathedral. The audience were treated to a spectacular performance of the well-known tale of the birth of Christ, with dramatic lighting, music and dance as well as festive carols.

Special appearances included a donkey, an exotic belly dancer and a fine musical performance by the Ripon Cathedral Choir and the Ripon Grammar School Chamber Choir.

Actor John Middleton, known for his character Rev Ashley Thomas in Emmerdale, narrated the Christmas tale. Dancers from the Academy of Northern Ballet captivated the audience with a stunning performance as the Holy Spirit and the Angel Gabriel.



Local actors from Ripon and the surrounding areas took part, the lead roles were played by students from Queen Ethelburga’s collegiate.

The event raised over £8,500 for the Ripon cathedral Music Trust and ensures the music at the cathedral, which has a nationwide reputation, is secured in perpetuity.

The Cathedral have given their thanks to all those who attended the concert and supported the Cathedral Choir. The concert will take place again next December and tickets will be available on the Cathedral website in August 2018.



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