Clarkey and Katie Light the management team from The Badger
Clarkey and Katie Light the management team from The Badger

Harrogate’s Fat Badger on Channel 4’s ‘Four in a bed’

17 October 2017

The Fat Badger in Harrogate will be appearing on Channel 4’s ‘Four in a bed’ – airing from Monday, 23 October 2017.

It will feature Clarkey and Katie Light the management team from The Badger as they travel across the country.

Clarkey said:

I got to travel the country with the lovely Katie drinking beer on expenses! We met some amazing people – although we have to wait until it’s on the telly to find out what they said about us behind our backs … !


white hart in harrogate


Katie Light said:

I was lucky enough to share this experience with my good friends and colleague and we had such a brilliant time together representing the White Hart Hotel and Fat Badger Pub.

We got to swan across the country whilst eating a lot of food and sneaking off for the odd pint (or five) along the way!

I can’t wait to go down to the Fat Badger every night next week from 23 October, to watch the live streaming and see what our new friends REALLY said about us!


The series was filming over the summer and sees the two of them travelling across the country as well as playing host. The White Hart / Fat Badger will be the first venue to be featured with Clarkey and Katie visiting the others later in the week. Friday will see the winner announced. They are both great characters so I’m sure viewing will be quite funny at times.

The Fat Badger will be live streaming the show every day next week from 5pm.





  1. I have no personality so I’ll just wear loud shirts and look like a dodgy dad trying to hang with the yoof in Ibiza. Hardly the image the hotel is trying to portray.
    Also, how dare the hotel charge £160+ for b&b and charge extra for Cappuccino over filter coffee, not even budget chains are so petty.
    Greedy bosses, though I suppose it pays for the nasty clothes.

    • Hi Paul, A mate off mine was going through a rough time in his life. Finding his wife with someone else and then losing his job. I got stay at ours and he then got myself and katie watching four in a bed. Got to admit your shirts are wild.. You and you partner was great entertainment.. I was hoping be possible for one off your shirt signed for his birthday.. An old and off course paid. Benno

  2. They don’t charge £160+ anymore just goes to show people weren’t paying for the massively overpriced rooms. No hotel or bnb is £160+ in Harrogate, Yorkshire. No one!

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